Dec 28, 2005

Polio in Afghanistan

Two new polio registered for the last year according to Public Health Minister in Kabul. This cases were registered in the term of 2004-2005.
This was found in the to district of Helmanad province.
As Dr.Fatemi the ministry of Health has pointed out that in the past sex months four cases were registered while this two found newly from those children who came from abroad.

The ministry of public health has take a serious campaign against this disease recently involving the provinces; Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, Urzugan and a small district in Nimrooz.

This cost to 301800$ US dollar donated by UNICEF and WHO, a large number of children vaccinated under age five.

Dec 23, 2005

Good News

Earliest, there was a word and the word itself was God (bible)

As a high rank visitor and demanding for an independent web-site, finally I determined to have an independent web page for my own pen:
In this blog I am going to broadcast my programs; interviews with well-known people, making funs program and broadcasting music through this Podcast (Radio Sohrab). The first program of Radio Sohrab would be “Freedom of_expression in Afghanistan”.
The name of this Podcast called “Radio Sohrab”. Radio Sohrab is an independent internet radio which you can re-listen and expressing your comments about each programs.

Beside regular updating daily the news and articles there is a window called “Link-dani” (Link-pot) in this part you will have a very latest updated news around the world, this part may update each morning and afternoon.

There is also a link of pictures in the left side of the page; all pictures are loaded in Flickr server. Pictures are showing the daily status life of Afghans in side Afghanistan, All of the pictures are taken by me (sohrab) from: Mazar-e-Sharif, Sheberghan, Aqcha, poll-khomri, Panjsheer, Shamalli, Sayad, Jalalabad and Kabul. In the picture you will read what does mean life in Afghanistan and what problem they have and suffer from, what has changed and what is under changing. How looks like Afghan people, how beautiful they are and what they wearing and how they are walking, what they are eating and what they are drinking, what they love and what they hate of, what makes them angry and what makes them smiling.
What the Afghan women wears out of their house, what makes them so restricted to cover themselves, what means Islam in their covers. these things you can read on the photos which I am cogitating to have a point view of the people and the society which I am living.

In the right-side bar I have linked the important web news sources; calls “the biggest sources links”. This will help Afghan press to have access to giant network news sources.

All published posts are archived by subject in ten categories: daily, social, politic, news, literature and poet, satire, international, technical and No description (contained picture and cartons).

Bellow the archive you can subscribe in order to receive notice of updating the blog.

Most of the Podcast program will be translated to English for my English blog Afghan LORD. I will also publish the text to the main page so some people can get it to publish in their publication and paper BUT the source address and pen name must be mentioned. This is highly asked from reader to respect the copy-writes. I informed by people from Iran that news paper in Iran has published some of my articles, only mentioned my name. I am kindly asking here please please mention the pen name and web name. I would be happy.

I really need your help and comments! Let me know what needs to change and what needs to be added that I have forgotten.
Finally, let me mention that after this I can interview with those people who want to interview in specific issues but inform me in advance please. Finally i understood that silently living and writing is a kind of censorship and self-restriction. I am not afraid of threats and intimidation, after this you will be able here my voice over the web through the Radio Sohrab.

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Dec 21, 2005

Tourism agreement between Afghanistan and India

A cooperation agreement signed on development of tourism between Afghanistan and India.
The agreement calls for bilateral cooperation to develop tourism in Afghanistan signed by Minister of Information, culture and tourism Dr.sayed Makhdoom Rahin and Indian Tourism Minister Mrs.Rinoka Chaudari.

The agreement signed a few days before while Indian Tourism Minister heading an eight member delegation arrived in Kabul two weeks before.

Dec 19, 2005

Historical day in Afghanistan history

Today is a historical day in Afghanistan political history. Today all representatives will gather together to shake hands and promise to do good for Afghanistan. Today they will inaugurate the parliament, which is an important legislative body of government.

Today is a public holiday in Afghanistan in respect of inauguration of parliament. People seem happy although suffered of injustice and war in the last 24 years. In their faces you can read; no war after this, brotherly and friendly living.

All highway and sub-way roads are blocked cause of security. I walked long distance to reach a Café net. Roads are very restricted by ISAF and ANA, not allowing people to move towards the city. I am connected from a Café net, Very crowed here, low internet connection spend more money. One hour I should pay 80 Afghanis = one dollar and 80 cent.

I will write you after this regularly from Kabul. I am backed in my lovely homeland. I like the sky of Kabul, I love my people my lovely people. I love walking alongside of the roads and rocks in the mountains which embraced the city.

Nov 20, 2005

Taliban receive foreign support

Defense minister General Abdul Rahim Wardak said that Taliban had received military and financial supports from outside. In an interview with certain media he added that Taliban had acquired millions of dollars as well as weapons to conduct subversive activities in Afghanistan.

Arab and nationals of other foreign countries including the neighboring nations, he added were carrying out Iraq style suicide attacks here. According to official sources that refused to be named, 22 suicide attackers infiltrated the country.

Defense minister Wardak also admitted recently that Taliban and Al Qaeda had increased their activities in south and southeast Afghanistan. Media reports indicate that Al Qaeda, Taliban and fighters loyal to Gubudin Hekmatyar have intensified their activities in Afghanistan

Nov 17, 2005

Suicide attack left 4 dead

Suicide attack leave 4 dead in Kandahar
Four civilians were killed as a suicide attacher hit his Corolla car to a convoy of US military in Kandahar city on Wednesday.

Two persons were injured in the incident. The vehicle of US army was destroyed and left dead which is unknown yet that how many US soldier were killed in this incident.
Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yosuf has told that this attack was organized by a loyalist Taliban on 16th of November.

Nov 12, 2005

Afghan Army and DEDIA

For the first time 40 afghan army officer trained as in charge of Media in Army.

For the first time 40 Afghan army officers trained from of all army bases in the country to take a new responsibility in Media arena.

The officers of defense ministry have passed a 16 days training which held by American trainer and ended at 28th august 2005 at the Kabul Military Training Center.

From all around the country officers has joined to this course. The course was attending to teach them how to contact with the Media organizations in the country and out of the country to acknowledge what the Medias say about Afghanistan Army.

Colonel KOEHR one of the trainers to this course has pointed out that I hope after passing these training officers will be able to take their responsibility truthfully for strengthening of Afghanistan Army in the country.

Nov 8, 2005

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005


Practical guide for journalists

Insurance policy for freelance journalists and photographers on assignment

World AIDS Day

Get the Virtual Red Ribbon

The Virtual Red Ribbon is a sign of support for people living with HIV and a symbol of hope for the future for people all over the world. The National AIDS Trust is hoping to continue last year’s success by aiming for 10,000 websites to wear the Virtual Red Ribbon by 1 December – this is where we need your help!

You can download the 2005 Virtual Red Ribbon here: Having the Virtual Red Ribbon on your site links visitors to where they can find ideas on how to get involved in World AIDS Day!!

Nov 7, 2005

Intensifying attacks on foreign troops!

Taliban's leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has called on his followers to intensify attacks on foreign troops.
This message was broadcast in Ariana TV a few days later on the eve of Eid Al Fitr (muslim ceremoney after Ramazan) on Saturday.

Mullah Omar called on loyalists to speed up offensive on foreign and Afghan troops. Taliban spokesman Abdul Hai Mutmaeen distributed the message to Media.
Taliban intensified their attacks especially in the south and southeast of the country over the past two months.

Nov 6, 2005

15 Taliban killed

The US and Afghan troops in ajoint operation conducted in Urzugan and Paktia provinces last week, eliminated 15 Taliban fighters, a US authority military in a statement said last week.

According to the statement, three U.S troops and five Afghan soldiers were also wounded during the gun firing battle. Governor of Urzugan Jan Mohammad confirmed the killing of six Taliban last Thursday.

Kandahar, Zabul and Urzugan have been the scene of increasing militancy since early this year. according to officials over 1400 people including 70 US troops have been killed

Oct 31, 2005

HIV increasing in Afghanistan

Minister of Kabul public health minister Dr. sayed Mohammad Admin Fatemi has told to media that Health Ministry has joined the UN and the world mass mobilization on October 25th under the title of “be united in the cause of children” and “ be united for campaign against AIDS”.

Minister added in his speech; in the recent years, a large number of children and adolescent haves have fallen the victims of HIV.

Dr.Fatemi added that daily 14000 people have been affected by AIDS world-wide and from this 5000 are 15 to 24 year of age, already 2.2 million children under 15 are affected, 15 million children are orphaned because of this disease.

The minister continued that 45 cases of AIDS are registered in Afghanistan and from this number, 28 are males and the remains are 17 females. Three cases were observed among children while two of them have died.

Dr.Fatemi has announced that a department of AIDS has established in central poly clinic on 2003 within the framework of Public Health Ministry to check, diagnose and treat patients those who are affected by HIV.

Oct 26, 2005

Government performances report

Afghanistan Government is going to release a report on performance of the past one year. This report would cover the performances of all ministries and independent departments which launched over the past one year.

Presidential spokesman Mohammad Karim Rahimi has said that the government which leads by Hamed Karzai has achieved a lot of various fields and rejected the critics of media that Karzai government performance had been satisfactory.

Afghanistan government has a lot of problems. From last year till now they had nothing changed but worst. Administration corruptions which hocked the wheel of development and progress inside the cabinet are still increasing. Karzai had gave promise to the nation that the government is able to make long and short term plan for the first two month after his elected starting date but still nothing heard and nothing placed in all those promises.

Oct 24, 2005

Two senior officials killed in Afghanistan

Two days before, bombs planted by suspected Taliban rebels killed a top policeman and a senior intelligence officer in Afghanistan.
The police director of southwestern Nimrooz province and a guard were killed later Thursday when a remotely denoted car bomb tore through their vehicle as they were going to evening prayers, as interior ministry spokesman said.

Another person who called Haji Nafas khan was the second senior policeman in the province; four other civilians were wounded in the blast in the provincial capital of Zaranj.

In another incident blamed on the Taliban Thursday an employee of the Afghan Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance organization was killed and another was wounded after they were attacked in northerwestern Faryab province.

The Taliban has also been blamed for the murders of the three pro-government Islamic leaders in the pas two weeks; one of them while speaking for audience in Islamic believes in the mosque explosion happened.

The killing of these two Islamic leaders made people angery and thousands of people marched in the eastern city of Khost to condemn the killings and ask the government to protect religious leaders and to destroy terrorist hideouts.

Oct 20, 2005

French soldiers injured

Yesterday afternoon,two French soldiers were wounded while their vehicle hit the explosive device in the Shamali plains, northwest of the capital of Kabul.

Media says today morning the soldiers who wounded were part of the ISAF’s Kabul multinational brigade were patrolling in the French area of operation in the Shamali plain when their armored vehicle hit a roadside landmine. The injured soldiers taken for treatment by the French military.

Updated news link related to Afghanistan
The Army Criminal Investigation Division continues its investigation into alleged misconduct by U.S. service members, including the burning of two dead enemy combatant bodies under inappropriate circumstances. Read more here at CENTCOM

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - The Army Criminal Investigation Division has initiated an investigation into alleged misconduct by U.S. service members, including the burning of dead enemy combatant bodies under inappropriate circumstances. Read more here at CENTCOM

Oct 15, 2005

Afghan children

Oct 10, 2005

Five killed

Based on reliable souce reporting five people, including a local commander, were killed and three others sustained injuries in an explosion in the southern Kandahar today morning.
The explosion happened in the Madad Khan square of this provincial capital. Source says all the dead and injured were either family members or security guards of the commander, Sha Agha.

Reporting add that some labourers were working in front of the commander's house when the blast happened. With the exception of an injured labourer, rest of victims were either family members or bodyguards of the commander, they added.

It seems was not a landmine blast but seemed a suicide attack.

Oct 6, 2005

2 killed, 3 Canadian injured

On wednesday a suicide bomber blew himself up in his pick-up and killed a child while injuring three Canadian troops in the restive eastern Kandahar province.
Asadullah Khalied has pointed out thtat the bomber detonated the pick-up near a passing tractor, whose driver was wounded a minor boy killed.

three Canadian soldiers also suffered slight injuries in the explosion that took place near a base the troops on the road leading to the airport.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Canada-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in the city has pointed that the blast occurred just when a convoy of Canadian armored jeeps was passing near the attacker.

A Canadian military jeep was damaged by the explosion, said Captain Francois Giroux, who added an old farmer was seriously injured. The two Canadian soldiers were slightly hurt, he continued.

The attack in Shoor Andam area is being investigated and forces have been sent to the area. On Tuesday, five people asl were killed in an explosion in the border town of Spin Boldak near the border with Pakistan.

Oct 5, 2005

threats against international workers

The Ministry of Interior has received a threat from the "Timur" gang,associated with the arrested Timur Shah, that the group has threatened tokidnap more aid workers to secure Timur Shah's release. Timur Shah wasinvolved in the kidnapping of CARE International worker Clementina Cantoniand was arrested on September 27th, 2005.

The U.S Embassy takes thisopportunity to remind U.S. citizens in Afghanistan to maintain a high levelof vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their securityawareness. The Embassy recommends that all Americans living and working inKabul continue to restrict their movements, observe the strictest ofsecurity measures, and defer any unnecessary travel around the city.

The U.S Embassy particularly recommends that U.S. citizens in all parts ofAfghanistan avoid traveling alone at any time. The Embassy remains concerned about threats involving areas where foreignersare known to congregate. From time to time, the Embassy places areasfrequented by foreigners off limits to its personnel depending on currentsecurity conditions. The Intercontinental Hotel remains off limits toEmbassy personnel. Additionally, all restaurants continue to remain offlimits; unofficial travel is limited during daylight hours and is forbiddenafter dark. Use of the Kabul-Jalalabad Road remains restricted due toongoing threats against Western vehicles and interests traveling in thatarea

Oct 4, 2005

Warning to forieng people

Today unconfirmed reports from a reliable source that the group affiliated with the abduction of Clementina Cantoni are planning to kidnap International people in Afghanistan to ensure the immediate release of Ms. Cantoni kidnappers (most prominent: Timor Shah) who were recently re-arrested by the Afghan law enforcement authorities in Kabul city.

According to the information, the group who was behind the kidnapping of Clementina Cantoni is established in Kabul, Mazari- Sharif and Herat provinces and is planning to kidnap Internationals for the release of their colleagues in custody and or ransom.

Sep 28, 2005

On vocation

Sep 24, 2005

Attack on U.S soldiers

On Friday Two US soldiers were wounded in Kandahar
The US soldiers injured when a roadside bomb exploded on a military convoy near the Kandahar City. The explosion was followed by firing from suspected Taliban hidden in the area, announced in a press release issued from US Bagram airbase.
In the ensuing fight, the US forces captured three attackers. The statement further said the injured were shifted to a US military facility at Kandahar airport where their condition is stated to be out of danger.

On Friday, coalition forces claimed they had gunned down 10 Taliban in the Deh Rahod district of the southern Uruzgan province.
Meanwhile, four rockets landed in the Deh Sabz district of the central capital of Kabul last night while another two rockets hit a house in Jalalabad, capital of the eastern Nangarhar on Saturday morning.

Officials here confirmed the attack but said it was not directed at the ballot counting centre at Pul-i-Charkhi. The rockets landed in Deh Sabz which is far from the centre where vote counting is underway.

In a similar attack, two rockets landed in Jalalabad. One rocket hit a residential house while the other landed on a road.
Sources have announced the attackers wanted to target the counting centre to disrupt the counting. But the police chief rejected the possibility. Earlier, ballot count was delayed for a day when two rockets landed near the regional centre in Jalalabad on Tuesday morning.

Sep 18, 2005

Afghanistan Parliamentary in picture

U.S.A Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann at his visit in the ministry of women affairs today on 18th of September Parliamentary election day which held for the first time after three decades in Afghanistan. He called the parliamentary elections as success in Afghanistan future.About the attack on UNAMA's office in Kabul today morning, the ambassador mentioned “firing two rockets was nothing significant as the insurgents had a lot of weapons, it also pointed to the fact that they had failed in disrupting the polls”
He also said: his country had granted $40 million for the elections besides sending a large number of observers to monitor the landmark event in Afghanistan.

A large number of women in Zabul, Nangarhar, Khost and other provinces failed to vote in Afghanistan's first parliamentary elections in more than three decades.

In remote villages of the southeastern Khost province, eligible female voters were avoided to go in polling station to vote for their destiny. Thus no women voted. Not even a single woman could exercise her begging rights.As women candidates was very less comparing to men but presence of women in polling stations were not much. Many of them has disappointed with the last presence in the presidential election last year. Afghan woman still suffer from injustice and pains from their men. A day before the election, i met two young ladies which were coming out from Malalai Hospital in the city. I asked them “to whom you are going to vote, who is your favorite among 400 condidates in Kabul city?"

In my answer one of them said: " We have the voting card but we are not going to vote, because there is no an appropriate person among them to select and elect for him. I said:" you can vote for a woman and she knows your suffering and pains". She said woman to woman do injustice. I was working for three years in a hospital, while my boss changed and the new boss dismissed me from my work and employed her sister’s daughter. For six months i was jobless and we did not have money to buy food, i stopped sending my children to school and told them to go out and work to be alive…
She was telling the story very tragically while a person from inside the hospital called her and she left me.

In many polling station people arrived earlier than expected time. Many of the voters were complaining that they waited in line for two three hours until they got their turn. Local police treats to people was so bad. Many of the voters were threatened from police. There are number of reports from remote areas which are saying that the police avoid most of the voters to vote for their favorite candidates. One of them said: “While the police stopped us in the check point for checking they were telling us to vote for their candidate that they want, even they threatened us if we do not vote, they make problems.

In another reports from Takhar (northern of Afghanistan) were saying that because of bad behavior from police a large number of people men and women left the polling station. This was happened while a police beaten an old man. They were saying that police is for taking security not to beat or threat the people but while we faced this serious problem we peacefully left the polling station.

Karzai: The end of 30 years of pain and suffers

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai cast his vote at a polling station at the sprawling presidential palace today early morning after polling opened in landmark parliamentary and local elections.
While he threw his vote on the ballot box, he pointed out:

"I am very happy that the people of Afghanistan are able, after 30 years of pain and suffering, to elect their representatives," said the president, who viewed Afghans' participation in the first legislative vote in 30 years as a matter of pride.
In a brief chat with journalists, he voiced satisfaction at the quality of ink applied to his finger. "This time around, the ink is indelible," said the president while looking at his finger. Karzai assured the elections would be free, fair and transparent.

The US-backed leader hailed voting day as a day of self-determination for the Afghans, saying they were creating history after 30 years of wars, interventions, occupations and misery.
He went on to remark: "It is a matter of great happiness, thank God, that today the people of Afghanistan are electing their national assembly and provincial council delegates."
Late Saturday night, he described the vote as a "turning point" in the history of the post-conflict country. He appealed for a higher voter turnout in the elections, marking the culmination of the Bonn process.
In a brief televised message to the Afghan nation, he underscored the election of honest candidates committed to the reconstruction and prosperity of Afghanistan and imbued with a genuine desire for serving the war-weary nation, which is still struggling to chart its way to stability.

Five killed/ two U.S solder wounded

Three suspected Taliban rebels and two Afghan policemen were killed last night in a conflict. Two US soldiers also wounded in this clash in the southeastern province of Khost.Local police chief has said that the firefight was start by a Taliban attack on a police checkpoint next to a coalition military base in Yaqubi district.

UN office aimed in Kabul

As Tabliban warned already that they will attack in the polling stations. Today morning, two rockets landed in front of the UNAMA office soon after initiation of polling today morning.
Officials, confirming the daring attack in the high-security capital, said a guard was injured by one of the rockets, fired from Butkhak area around 7:00AM.
As a police official pointed out that the attack was launched from mountains south of Kabul. He said only one of the rockets exploded wounding the security guard. The rockets landed exactly in front of UNAMA office east of Kabul, close to Poll-e-Charkhi.

Sep 16, 2005

Afghanistan Parliamentary elections in Picture

Afghanistan Parliamentary Elections in Picture: Please go to my photo blog in Flicker here:

View as SlideShow here:

Or View here one by one:

or here

Sep 15, 2005

Afghanistan Parliamentary election

Only a few days are left before the historic parliamentary and Provincial Councils in Afghanistan. This is a great national event in which the Afghans are paying a great hope and expect that this should lay the foundation for a democratic society in their land. It is true because for the first time in its volatile history the Afghanistan nation is going to the polls to elect their representatives to the Parliament and the Provincial Councils in a democratic, free and fair manner.

With holding of the parliamentary and the provincial councils elections we in fact are completing the mandate of the historic BONN agreement that demanded formation of a people’s elected the prevailing challenges lying before the nation.
With these lofty aims in mind, the representatives of the nation and the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in particular are facing the gravest challenge of the time that is to overcome and shoulder the heavy load of the people’s problems and the great task of reconstruction of the country and the same time unifying the ranks of the tribes and nationalities in Afghanistan to ensure their active participation in the political life and rebuilding of the country and in promotion of democracy.

The Afghanistan nation is passing through its most delicate period in history at a time that the sworn enemies of this country intensifying their intrigue and wild sabotage by embarking on terrorist attacks against the National Army, the coalition forces and NGO workers and the state officials. Thus in most cases they are taking the lives of the innocent souls to satisfy their wild wishes, in spite of the fact that the security forces are in fully awareness and are taking every precaution to prevent their assaults.

Meanwhile, the people are willing to vote for the best personalities who can represent them in the country’s parliament and the provincial councils. The future parliament of the country should be the house of people and a center to bring all Afghans together brotherly and try to solve their problems. The Parliament should ensure legality and justice and to enable the public enjoy their rights in the country’s constitution and other enforced laws.
It should be noted that the political developments in Afghanistan are also in the focus of attention of the international community and the friends and foes of the country and they are monitoring our movements and every step that we are taking towards consolidation of democracy and social justice in the country. They may ask whether this poverty-stricken nation can bid farewell to its past better period and promote democracy and legality in the wounded country.

Meanwhile, the lofty aspirations of the Afghanistan nation can be realized through the members of the new parliament to be elected on the 18th of September 2005. our parliament should be strong enough to address the ground realities of the country and lead the nation towards prosperity and well-being. Because the nation expect their representatives to the country’s to take note of these realities and show to the world that they are really a united nation and they can overcome their problems with unanimity of view and coexistence.
The Afghanistan nation should not forget the global community helps and should thank from the international especially those who sent troops to Afghanistan for taking the security land. God bless them we appreciate of different kids of helps from international. Hope to not forget Afghanistan again.

Sep 14, 2005

Faked ballot paper in Herat

Some unidentified men Wednesday distributed fake ballot papers comprising muddled names, pictures and registration numbers of four candidates in the western Herat province.
The names of Abdul Raziq Zamanzi, Syed Shafiq, Haji Mohammad Alam and Qazi Nazir Ahmad were printed on the bogus ballot papers. However, the actual papers are lying safe in the provincial office of the Joint Electoral Management Body (JEMB).

Syed Shafiq, one of the contestants, has told to Media his registration number 111 was replaced with 76, which belongs to Abdul Raziq Zamanzi. "After I warned of going on hunger strike, JEMB officials showed me real my name and picture on a form they had."

The distribution of sham ballot papers might damage the election campaign, he maintained. Interestingly, each of the four men claimed his rivals had masterminded the distribution of the sham ballot papers.

By the same token, the name, picture and registration number of Haji Mohammad Alam were replaced with Qazi Nazir Ahmad's. When approached for comments, both declined to say anything.

Abdul Aziz Shamim, an official of the National Democratic Institute, described the act as plain violation of the electoral law. He confirmed the receipt of the fake papers, saying the matter was being probed.
JEMB's external relations officer in Herat Philippa Neave also confirmed the circulation of the sham ballot papers. He said the perpetrators would be traced soon.

For more information about Afghanistan Parliamentary election, you can visit this Web site:

Sep 13, 2005

Media Commission Announcement on Parliamentary election

from Media Commission

The Media Commission announces that 2,889 candidates for the Wolesi Jirga and the Provincial
Councils have been authorized to broadcast on radio or TV at no cost to the candidates, as of Tuesday
September 13.
We believe this has given an unprecedented opportunity to the people of Afghanistan to hear a wide
range of opinions both geographically and substantively on radio and television.
This is intended to help them become a more informed electorate in taking the necessary decisions
about who to vote for on Sunday.

On Wednesday September 14 we release the Media Commission Interim Report covering the period
from July 19 to September 8. It gives a great deal of data about how the media covered the campaign
The Interim Report consists of a monitoring report covering the pre-election period; a onitoring report covering the official Campaign Period from August 17 to 30; a set of daily reports of the rise of the number of candidates using the Sponsored Advertising Program, and a number of graphs that give information on the various stations and provinces using the program.

This data is intended to be used by observers, analysts and the media as they conduct their own
analyses of this campaign, as it relates to the media. It provides only preliminary conclusions. This is deliberate. Further comments will be made in the final report once the final data has been assessed.
The journalism in this campaign has not violated code of conduct rules against hate speech, incitement to violence or any other serious concerns of a Media Commission, to our knowledge.
On the other hand, covering 5,800 candidates has been a challenge that has severely tested the media.
We believe it is appropriate, for those who may not be familiar with the media here, to keep this in context. The Afghan media is being re-established after an extended period of severe media repression. In the years before 2001, television was abolished, pictures were banned from newspapers, and any kind of music and even sport was kept off the radio. Since that time approximately 300 publications have been established, five 24 hour television stations,
and more than 30 new private radio stations established. International radio stations including BBC, Radio Azadi, Voice of America, RFI, and DW now broadcast in Afghanistan.

While private broadcasting has flourished, the state broadcaster, RTA, has failed to keep up with this media growth. Provincial authorities retain direct control over much of the local media, and their journalists still feel answerable to national government as well as local figures.
Where governors were approached by the media Commission to loosen the constraints this was often successful. However, official influence is still strong, and the arrests of several journalists and unconfirmed reports of intimidation continue to have a chilling effect on free, professional journalism. In this environment, the daunting task of covering 5,800 candidates has been tackled with inevitably mixed results. The Sponsored Advertisement Program, with 2,889 candidates approved for broadcast as of September 13, brought a uniquely wide range of opinion to the Afghan airwaves.

This has provided a wealth of information that should be positive for the future political development of Afghanistan. The integration of this range of opinion into the journalism of the first parliament in nearly 40 years is a long-term process.

Sponsored Advertisement Program
Date: 13.09.2005
N Name Province Authorized In-process Refused

Commercial Stations
1 Killid Kabul 87 2 34
2 Radio Voice of Afghan
Women Kabul 23 0 5
3 Afghan TV Kabul 39 0 6
4 AynaTV Samangan 69 0 1
Ayna TV Balkh 100 0 5
Ayna TV Kabul 32 1 5
Ayna TV Faryab 72 0 9
Ayna TV Takhar 56 0 20
Ayna TV Kunduz 79 0 23
Ayna TV Jowzjan 78 0 0
Ayna TV Sar-i-Pul 54 0 0
5 Tolo Kabul 134 0 45
6 Ariana Network Kabul 8 0 7
7 Arman FM Kabul 1 0 0

RTA Stations
1 RTA Takhar Takhar 23 0 12
2 Baghlan TV (RTA) Baghlan 110 3 8
3 Baghlan FM (RTA) Baghlan 2 0 0
4 Herat TV (RTA) Herat 262 0 5
5 RTA TV Samangan 14 0 6
6 Kandahar RTA TV Kandahar 51 4 0
7 Kandahar RTA radio Kandahar 30 0 1
8 RTA Ghazni TV Ghazni 73 0 4
9 RTA Ghazni Radio Ghazni 6 0 0
10 RTA Kunar Kunar 15 0 0
11 RTA TV Balkh 39 0 4
12 RTA TV Kunduz 51 0 41
13 RTA TV Paktia 91 0 0
14 RTA Radio Paktia 6 0 1
15 RTA Radio FM Faryab 15 0 6
16 RTA Kabul Radio FM Kabul 3 0 2
17 RTA Kabul TV Kabul 83 0 33
18 RTA TV Helmand 19 0 2
19 RTA Radio FM Helmand 19 0 3
20 RTA TV Parwan 23 0 1
21 RTA TV Farah 68 0 3
22 RTA TV Badakhshan 48 0 10
23 RTA TV Nimroz 36 0 0
24 RTA Radio Nangarhar 13 1 3
25 RTA Radio Zabul 4 0 0
Internews Stations
1 Radio Zafar Kabul 8 0 2
2 Radio Isteqlal Logar 14 1 3
3 Radio Milli Peygham Logar 59 0 2
4 Spin Ghar Nangarhar 113 0 6
5 Sloeh Paygham Khost 65 0 0
6 Sharq Nangarhar 98 5 10
7 Quyash Faryab 14 0 4
8 Newe Bahar Balkh 12 0 12
9 Radio Ghaznawian Ghazni 48 0 2
10 Azad Afghan Radio Kandahar 43 2 0
11 Yaw Wale Ghag Wardak 87 0 0
12 Shora I Qarabagh Kabul 37 0 7
13 Radio Paktika Ghag Paktika 7 0 0
14 Zohra Kunduz 33 0 20
15 Radio Sahar Herat 5 0 1
16 Radio Bamyan Bamyan 16 0 0
17 Radio Teraj Mir Baghlan 24 0 4
18 Radio Rabia Balkhi Balkh 6 0 3
19 Radio Takharestan Takhar 68 2 18
20 Radio Sabaoun Helmand 81 0 2
21 Sada-i-Solh Parwan 35 0 4
22 Sada-i-Solh Kapisa 36 0 0
23 Radio Imam Sahib Kunduz 2 0 5
24 Radio Neda-i-Sobh Herat 1 1 0
25 Radio Amou Badakhshan 41 0 26
Total 2889 22 436 3347

Sep 12, 2005

Media evolution briefly in Afghanistan

The various political movements and regimes in Afghanistan have propagated their respective ideology and socio-political strategy through particular publications. Due to this fact, the World Press Day has often been marked with enthusiasm in the country with the publishing of a series of publicity materials.
The first and the foremost publication was release in the reign of Habibullah Khan called “Shamsul Nahar” that basically aimed to enlighten the common people in Afghanistan. Later on, in the time of Amir Amanullah Khan, another newspaper entitled “Serajul Akhbar” was operating under editorship of Mohamood Tarzi, and outstanding writer and literary personality who was also nominated as father of journalism.
Parallel with the lapse of time and change of the political atmosphere in the country, new dailies and publication were released. Currently there exists some 750 various independent as well as government publications in the whole country.
In addition, the Radio and TV networks have not only increased in number but also their viewpoints are diverse. In the capital of Afghanistan there are 12 Radio station right now, most of them are broadcasting 24 hours with live programs and verities kinds of programs:

Radio station based in Kabul (capital of Afghanistan)

1- Radio Afghanistan
2- Radio Kilid (key)
3- Radio Subh Ba Khair
Afghanistan (good morning Afghanistan)
4- Sadayee Zan (voice of women)
5- BBC
6- Dutsche welle
7- RFE
8- Radio ISAF
10- Radio Salam Watandar (greeting countryman)
11- Radio Watandar
12- Radio Zafar Paghman, (victory of Paghman)
TV Station based in Kabul

1- Afghanistan TV
2- Ayena TV
3- Afghan TV
4- Ariana TV
5- Tolo TV
22 are registered in the ministry of Information and culture but running only five of them nowadays in Kabul

Besides of Radio and TV station there a number of newspapers and magazines. There some news agencies which are running nowadays in Afghanistan like: Pajhwak news agency, Bakhtar Infromationa Agenciy, Hindu Kush news agency and the voice of Afghan. The establishment of the Kabul times in 1962 included four pages funded by the government with some 180 fully skilled and professional employees but as a result of the last two decades long political transformations in the Afghanistan, the number of staff decreased to 40 persons. This English-languages paper is considered the point of the view of the government particularly at the international level and the common people as well. The Kabul Time has been recognized for over 43 years.

ANIS Daily, have being also a government newspaper was established in 1927 by Ghulam Mohi yudin Anis a cultural person. This paper had often been published in 8 pages. It covers varied political, social, cultural and economic developments and commentaries.
The independent periodicals include are many and all registered in ministry of information and culture. It is hoped that these help possibly grow and boost up the people’s thinking power and potential as well.

To manage the countries publications, there exists a Pres Law that helps develop and direct the entire mass media in the benefit of democracy, social justice, peace and security, cultural and political advancement in Afghanistan.

Sep 7, 2005


This following text is circulated on the internet under George Carlin's name but the original author is Dr. Bob Moorehead.

The paradox of our time in history is that We have taller buildings, But, shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrow viewpoints.
We spend more, but have less, we buy more but enjoy it less.
We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense.
More knowledge, but less judgment, more experts but more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.
We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry too quickly.
Stay too late, get up too tired, read too seldom, watch TV too much and pray to seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.
We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life. We’ve added years to life, not life to years.
We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbour.
We’ve conquered outer space but not inner space.
We’ve done larger things, but not better things.
We’ve cleared up the air, but polluted the soul.
We’ve split the atom, but not our prejudice.
We write more, but learn less.
We plan more, but accomplish less.
We’ learned to rush, but not to wait.
We build more computers to hold more information to produce more copies than ever, but have less communication.
These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, Tall men and short character, steep profits and shallow relationships.
These are the times of world peace but domestic warfare, more leisure but less fun, more kinds of food but less nutrition.
These are the days of two incomes, but more divorce, of fancier houses but broken homes.
These are the days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throw-way morality, one-night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer to quiet, to kill.
It is a time when there is much in the show window and nothing in the stockroom.
A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete.

Sep 3, 2005

No description

Aug 31, 2005


the sea will also die, one day!

if we continue

sitting down

by the revir



Aug 29, 2005

No discription

Aug 27, 2005

18 Taliban killed

The Defence Ministry Friday claimed the Afghan and US-led coalition forces had killed 18 militants in the southern Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces.
The ministry's spokesman Zahir Azimi told Pajhwok Afghan News 10 militants were gunned down following joint operations by the Afghan National Army and the coalition forces in the Ghorak and Khakrez districts of the Kandahar province.

Azimi said the operation started in the morning and continued till Thursday evening. He said one car and a motor cycle were also captured during the crackdown.

The same day, Azimi added, three Taliban fighters were killed and two others captured in a clash that occurred some 30 kilometres from the provincial capital Tirinkot. In another encounter in the Chora district of Uruzgan, the Afghan and coalition forces killed five fighters and arrested two others. Five Ak-47 assault rifles and one rocket have also been recovered from the arrested militants.

Taliban purported spokesman Latifullah Hakimi confirmed the clashes but rejected the Defence Ministry's claims regarding the killing and capturing of the Taliban as baseless.

Aug 22, 2005

Afghan children's life

Aug 21, 2005

No progress without international assistance

Hamid Karzai Afghan president on sunday defended a recent agreement on strategic partnership with the US, saying his conflict-crippled country could not progress without support from the international community.

talking to a large gathering at the governor's office here, the president argued other countries in the region such as Pakistan and India too had achieved development on the strength of foreign assistance.

Karzai went on to assert Afghanistan's sovereignty, saying it desired warm ties with all countries of the world. However, he explained, Afghanistan was not allied to one particular country.
Of links with neighbouring countries, he pointed out the annual Pak-Afghan trade volume that worked out at $26 million dollars during the Taliban government had now hit the $1200 million mark.

He added peace and stability in his country was in the interest of the entire region. "But no country will be calm if there is chaos and insecurity in Afghanistan," maintained the president.
While highlighting Nangarhar's historical opulence, the US-backed Afghan leader described the eastern province as the home base of epoch-making freedom fighters and martyrs.
"It's the last resting place of towering personalities like Ghazi Amanullah Khan and Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan - the former achieved peace with his sword while the latter epitomized non-violence."

Karzai called upon residents of the province to actively participate in the upcoming elections and vote for sincere and competent leaders. He particularly focused attention on a fair deal for women contestants for the lower house and provincial councils.

Speaking on the occasion, Nangarhar Governor Gul Agha Sherzai thanked dwellers of the province for according a warm welcome to Karzai. "We are indebted to you for expressing so much love for the president."

Sherzai said the people of Nangarhar had always combated the twin menace of terrorism and drug smuggling. "Now is the time for us to serve them with sincerity and devotion," the governor observed, promising a number of mega projects would be launched soon in the province.

Aug 17, 2005

In Cure International Hospital


After three weeks hesitation about my patient, today I went to American hospital “ Cure International” for treatment. I have pain on one of my spinal column band. I do not know really what the cause was and when it started. Pain is not very strong but it increased my concern. Usually I am not going to doctor for a normal patient until I not loss my ability to walk. My father is our family doctor. He is collecting herbs and little bit knows about it. He is going to mountains for searching different herbs. He brings herbs with its root. He always saying lets have herbaceous treatment instead of using chemical medicine.

I am very scared of going to doctor in Kabul, because most of them are illiterate and does not have enough knowledge and experience. Instead of surgery they slay. Instead giving the right advise they give the wrong advise. Instead giving a headache medication, they give penicillin.
I was really worrying what to do. One of my friends advised me I should go to German medical center in Shar-e- naw.

Four days before I went to German medical center for treatment. Unfortunately they did not have orthopedic. The German doctor directed me to American International hospital “cure”. I called in advance and made appointment.
Luckily I found a person to help me. Her name was Erin card. She was American and very kind. She directed me to an orthopedic specialist.
The doctor was very nice guy. I described him my pain. He practically did some basic test from me.
He told me that pain on the backbone is normal among human in between 55% to 85%. He analyzed the pain and said there are two type of pain normal in human body.
He crossed over Organic and mentioned; I am so young and this is unbelievable to say that you have Organic problem.

He emphasized over Mechanic option and said this is normal for everyone. Especially for those who are setting on the chair and working with computer.
Without learning me, he drew my style of my sitting over the chair and said the style of my setting on the chair is completely wrong. He advised me to find a physiotherapist and ask for his guidance.

He wrote a prescription using medication:
DOLOBID 500mg (diflunisal) 20 pieces. Day and night. Mad in U.S.A
BRUFEN Cream 30g (ibuprofen) antirheumatic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory. Made in Pakistan

This medication should be used in six days, if the pain not killed yet, I should go back to see him again.

Aug 15, 2005

Life is struggle


This part of Kabul called Bahaaristan In Karte parwan district. In this distrect there is no power and water. People bringing their water from the hill slope using donkey those who have enough money for providing foods for this kind animal “donkey” (:

This was the way I was crossing this hill morning and evening. I became friend with children who were taking water to their home. Most of them were asking me to help them by taking their barrel. It was my pleasure to help them and giving my bag to them and carry the two barrel on my hand. Some times I was carrying on my arm and feeling very strong while I was moving up. I took their picture once, in another day when I was crossing they called me Kaka (uncle) I stopped on my feet and wait for them until they reached me. They asked me to give their picture, I promised them to print their picture. In another day I printed about 14 pictures black & white. While I was distributing the picture they were very excited.

On another day, lately I left the office and went home. While I reached the hill I saw a group of children waiting for me to snap them. While I reached them all shacked hand with me, except one. He was very nerves. I asked the cause from him. He was close 8 years old. I asked him why you are looking sad? Moved towards me, with her swollen eye disheveled hair “my photo has stolen by some on my home” she said. I told her to make another photo from her.

Oh I can’t mention all the story. I am really sad that my way is changed crossing the Tepe-Karte Sakhi to Bahaaristan. I should go there may be on Friday or Saturday to meet them again and again.

Unfortunately their families are not able to provide expense to send them to school. This area is very poor place and government completely forgotten them.

Hundreds of institutes are running in Kabul to help and safe the children but this children in this part of Kabul seems to be forgotten. These children should go to school not to work! never.

Aug 14, 2005

Five Taliban killed in Uruzgan

Government authotries claimed the killing of six Taliban following a gunfight in the Marabad area of the Tarinkot district on Sunday evening.

The fight erupted when the insurgents attacked a security post, officials said. Six fighters were killed as the security men returned fire.
Uruzgan Governor Jan Mohammad Khan Mohammadi has told to media that the security forces had launched operation in Deh-Rawod, Tarinkot and Chora districts to net down the militants.

He claimed 15 Taliban guerillas including a commander had been arrested so far. The commander Mullah Janan was captured along with his nine men in Tarinkot while six others were trapped in the Chora district.

The governor vowed the crackdown would continue till rooting out of militants from the area. Afghan army and police with the backing of the US-led coalition forces had mounted efforts against insurgents in the southern and eastern parts of Afghanistan to secure the September 18 legislative elections, a landmark in the history of the war-hit country.

Taliban, on the other hand, issued warnings and stepped up attacks against the US and government forces with the apparent motive to disrupt the polls.

Aug 13, 2005

Blogsky became silence

Blogsky server who had millions of words in its heart became silent since two days before. I don’t know really what problem they faced. The browser shows this message “HTTP 500 Internal server error”.

It is not first time that Blogsky server became down but many times in the past. Once the Blogsky server hacked by a normal hacker and this time it seems the same incident happened for its server.

It seems blogsky server has overloaded and the administrators are not able to manage properly. They need to close the registration for further requests in order to manage better.

In this stormy season, I really have concern what is going on and how about my “shared pains” and all my imaginations??!!!?!!
I should look for a good Web hosting service to handle all my stuff by myself.

Aug 12, 2005

After long standstill in Afghan Linux

After a long standstill again i start posting on my technical blog Afghan Linux. This blog will contain my experience in IT and more involved technology in Afghanistan. I am writing in my native tongue Dari (Farsi) which the three country Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan are talking to this lovely tongue.

This blog is opened especially for my ages, for young generations who love to learn for making a new Afghanistan with a new face in the world not the face of terror and Al Qaeda. In this blog mostly I try to encourage youth to move in new technology as revolution.

In this blog I try to fight against censorships, against terror and intimidations, against any restriction role in using Internet in Afghanistan.

Recently I heard people was trying to make a new role about Afghanistan press, people were trying to make a role in Webs as well. Like if any person or institute want to make a Web site, they should take permit to make a Web site. How logical is this!!????!!

I will make report this happens to my Farsi and English blog. Internet in Afghanistan is very new and people do not know what is the Web, Blog and Internet. People like Shinwari (fundamentalist guy in legislation) want to make Internet policy!!! How funny are these guys!!!!!

Actually this is not responsibility for Shanwaris But ICT specialist who have already the knowledge of Information Technology and the way of using. Afghanistan government should ask from western country to help in this case otherwise fundamentalist will handle to make restrictions in ISPs. They should come and help for making a public policy for ICT in Afghanistan not a lawyer who illiterately came out in the society!!!

Aug 11, 2005

Freedom like me


when the sun shines
i believe freedom winks to me
when the birds are singing
my heart start beating
i jump out
looking around
cruise narrows and wides
listening to children songs
watching people walking on valley
following back my footprints
where i born
where i began
where i jumped out
follow my shadow
follow the villagers
village sings like me
all i pray is
qwak qwak qwak freedom
qukooookoooo freedom

Jul 1, 2005

Thousands of reconstruction projects ending soon

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) will complete thousands of small reconstruction projects across the country under the National Solidarity Programme.

Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development Mohammad Hanif Atmar told Media on Thursday that as many as 8,300 projects costing $100 million and being executed in 33 different provinces would be completed soon.

He added the National Solidarity Programme largely focused on potable water schemes, irrigation plans, building schools, upgrading the power system and road construction.
In response to a query, the minister claimed locals had been consulted on which projects suited them best. The schemes under the National Solidarity Programme were initiated in line with suggestions floated by residents and in deference to their genuine requirements.

In all, Atmar pointed out, 25,000 villages would benefit from the 18-month-old programme, which would run for another three years. But the reconstruction effort will continue beyond the three-year duration of the plan.

Following the plan's conclusion in three years from now, the minister explained, the government would extend loans to the masses for reconstruction projects.

Jun 30, 2005

Opening a military compound by Karzai

President Hamid Karzai inaugurated a military compound costing $70 millions in the southeastern city of Gardez, capital of the Paktia province.

The huge compound for the Army Corps No 203 is spread over a 1.5 kilometer area can house as many as 4,500 soldiers. The president assured armed forces of all possible facilities, hoping they would measure up to the security challenge.

Corps Commander Rahmatullah Raufi told to Media the project was financed with part of $250 million assistance pledged by the US for the provision of facilities to Afghan army around.

Tribal elders and governors of Khost, Paktia and Paktika also met with President Karzai and briefed him on the situation prevailing in their provinces.

Paktia Governor Hakim Taniwal informed this news agency that Karzai himself paid a visit to the newly-built army headquarters and joined soldiers for lunch.

Jun 29, 2005

U.S Soldier

A US soldier, believed to be dead, went missing when a military vehicle skidded off the road and fell into river in the eastern Kunar province on Monday.

A statement released from US Bagram airbase on Tuesday said the incident occurred in the Paich Darra district. Other soldiers traveling in the Humvee remained unscathed.

Search has been launched to recover the missing soldier but no clue has been found so far, says the statement.
Snow has begun fast melting due to the recent rise in mercury causing overflow in rivers and their tributaries all over the country.

Jun 24, 2005

Kabul in picture today

Love your Kabul

Jun 19, 2005

Freedom Expression in Afghanistan

Freedom of _Expression in Afghanistan can be seen from two different points of view.
If we consider the current realities of Afghanistan as a mega picture, freedom of _expression will have but only a niche in it. A closer look will prove that such a freedom is associated with a range of factors and parameters.

Authorities' vision is quite dissimilar to the opinion of those liberals who have the experience of media undertaking. The State has formulated the rules of mass media in which freedom of _expression has significantly been safeguarded.

But, the implementation of such rules would be highly difficult. The culture of tolerance of opponents has not become institutionalized. There have a number of instances in which the 'official' guardians of freedom of _expression have not tolerated criticism of their deeds.

The most important evidence, showing lack of freedom of _expression and its representation in Afghanistan, is apparently unknown groups that can be termed as warlords or sometimes terrorists.

As a matter of fact, this country is at the edge of falling into the mafia trap. Some even believe that the present state is in the grips of Drug Mafia.

The blocking factor of freedom of _expression over the centuries and years has only and merely been the "Sharia-oriented vision by some religious leaders, who consider themselves as "commissioners of religion. They do misuse religious orders in line with their own benefits.

This group has many times prevented the establishment of freedom, and betrayed the public. Their opposition to Amanullah, a freedom-loving king, who freed his country from the British, made him to leave his country for good and curse it.
I think in order to overcome this obstacle; one has to take careful but strong steps. Any rapidity could result in a fresh disaster. Gone are the era of revolutions and insurgencies. One has to think of reforms, and try one's bests towards achieving freedom of thoughts and _expression.


Jun 16, 2005

Afghan Blogger among 7 best blog in the WORLD

Congratulation to all Afghan Bloggers, I have a good news today. Yesterday, I heard an Afghan Blogger Sohrab Kabuli the owner of (Notes from Kabul) among among 60 blogs from International selected the best blog for defending the Freedom Expression.

This will be a good news for those Afghan who are defending the Freedom expression and censorships.
This also would be a good news for encouraging Afghan youths to join in Blog world. The thing which is very new in Afghan society it gives an idea to move for their developments.

Reporters Without Borders selected around 60 blogs that, each in their own way, defend freedom of expression. The organisation then asked Internet-users to vote for the prize-winners - one in each geographical category. More information about the Blog awards.

After two months of voting, here are the results :

Country: Malaysia
Language: English

Shared Pains
Country: Afghanistan
Language: Farsi
Al Jinane
Country: Morocco
Language: French

ICT lexhttp:/
Country: Italy
Language: Italian

Press Think
Country: United States
Language: English

Mojtaba Saminejad
Country: Iran
Language: Farsi

Country: Germany
Language: German

Jun 15, 2005

Love you Angelina Jolie!

“It is not a good idea” said Angelina Jolie, pretty Hollywood star and goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR. She was expressing her reaction over the idea of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to relocate the Afghan refugee camps out of Pakistan back into Afghanistan.

Angelina, who was in Pakistan on a four day mission to focus world attention toward the hundred thousands of Afghan refugees, feared that moving of the refugees from Pakistan to Afghanistan would add the people’s suffering.Angelina Jolie is one of those female film stars who used to rule over the hearts of millions of the male spectators of Hollywood Movies. She is quite extraordinary as she made her first screen debut at the age of five, alongside her father in the Hal Ashby-directed comedy “Looking to Get Out”. She was 16 when she struck out on her own finding work as a professional model in London, New York and Los Angeles and appearing in music videos for the likes of Meatloaf, the Lemonheads, Lenny Kravitz and the Rolling Stones.1993 she started her professional carrier as film star from “Cyborg II, Glass Shadow”. Then a series of blockbuster movies like “Leg”, “Playing God”, “Pushing Tin”, “Original sin”, “Bone collector”, Tome raider” etc. booted up her status as one of the high profile actresses.She was named as the honorary ambassador for UN refugee agency (UNHCR) on 27th of August 2001 by Ruud Lubber UN high commissioner for refuges. Since that she has been helping refugees in Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Cambodia and Pakistan. Another worth mentioning point is that Angelina covers all costs related to her missions and shared the same rudimentary working and living conditions as UNHCR field staff. She has been proved to be a committed and devoted ambassador for UNHCR.

Covering her hairs by traditional shawl during her visit to a refugee camp near Peshawar said that she was dismayed by the lack of funds spent on education. She further said there was a need to boost development efforts in Afghanistan as fast as possible, "especially in the rural areas so that people can return to their homes." According to the UN officials Pakistan is receiving $12 million per year as aid for around one million refugees in the various camps around Pakistan.More then two decades of chaos forced hundred thousands of our country fellows to leave Afghanistan and shelter themselves mostly in neighboring countries Pakistan and Iran. Though the number of refugees in Pakistan has been a political issue rather then a technical one but still a big number of Afghans are living in Pakistan’s refugee camps without any doubt. Their life conditions according to reports are not very good and need to be improved. UN says over 2.3 million of refugees have already repatriated home and in spite of the undesirable condition another 400,000 are expected to return to their home this year.After Presidential Elections and formation of his technocrat cabinet a wave of hope is created in the hearts of hundred thousands of people for a better and safe future. Afghan started looking forward toward a news Afghanistan based on mutual respect and golden principles of coexistence. Afghan started dreaming to live in a completely new and democratic society. Soon after snow melt and start of spring a series of bloody battles and lose of tens of people from the both sides of Taliban/al Qaeda and coalition/Government forces once again made worried the innocent people who didn’t yet completely waken from their sweat dream. The level if insurgency will certainly affect the repatriation of refugees back to their home. At least the refugees belong to the South and Eastern parts of country, the areas which are supposed to be the strong holds of Taliban and al Qaeda militants. But still the hope is still alive that Afghanistan will never go back to that disastrous period which remains always as the spot on the recent history of our country.

Afghans as well as the international community are not going to allow the situation to be worsened as it was in early nineties. Anyhow the valuable work of Angelina Jolie for deprived refugees throughout the world and specifically Afghan refugees who the part of our existence and we are incomplete with them. We appreciate all your efforts Angelina Jolie and respect all your emotions for our homeless brothers and sisters.Angelina jolie please allow us to tell you that “WE LOVE YOU”. And wish you good luck in every walk of life.

Jun 14, 2005

Senseless Killing US soldiers

On Monday, a suicide car bombing in the city of the Kandahar killed five US soldiers. This was the second of such attack in as many weeks. Although afghan and US officials insisted that only five soldiers were injured in the latest in string of assaults in the former Taliban stronghold, independent sources claimed five American soldiers were killed in the bombing of the convoy on the Kandahare – Heart Highway.

Mohammad Ayub Salangi, the chief of police for the province said the attack which involved a taxi drove and crashed into the coalition forces. He added it was a suicide bombing that left the attacker’s body blown to pieces. But the US led coalition force’s spokeswomen in Kabul, Cindy Moore said only four soldiers had been wounded in the attack.

The Taliban, on the other hand, claimed that at leas 10 people were killed in the blast. Their spokesman spoke to Media news agency and claimed responsibility for the attack. Wherever, the casualty figure, the result is more killing of young soldiers by the extremists who claim to do it in the name of Islam.

Jun 13, 2005

Suicide Bomber killed Four US troops...

Four US troops were killed when a suicide bomber drove an explosive-packed car into an American military convoy in the troubled southern Kandahar province on Monday.

Afghan and US officials insisted only five soldiers were injured in the latest in a string of assaults in the former Taliban stronghold, but independent sources claimed five American soldiers were killed in the bombing of the convoy on the Kandahar-Herat Highway.

Provincial police chief Mohammad Ayub Salangi said to Media the attack - involving a taxi car crashed into the coalition forces' convoy - took place near the mausoleum of Mir Wais Baba. He added it was a suicide bombing that left the attacker's body blown to pieces.

Salangi continued the injured were shifted to hospital before his arrival on the spot. "I have unconfirmed reports that five soldiers have been killed," he informed.
But coalition forces' spokeswoman in Kabul Cindy Moore said only four soldiers had been wounded in the attack. "They have been shifted to hospital for medical treatment and investigations are underway."

She explained the coalition forces were conducting a routine patrol when an improvised explosive device hit their convoy, wounding four US service members. According to the spokeswoman, the injured were evacuated to the Kandahar airfield.

In media, Colonel James Yonts of the US army described the soldiers as members of a provincial reconstruction team (PRT) assigned with civil-military aid work in the restive region.

"One of the four wounded is in a serious condition," he revealed, saying the victims were receiving medical attention at the Kandahar airfield." Yonts would not conjecture as to who might have mounted the daring assault.

However, Kandahar city police chief General Salem Ihsas, without elaborating his assertion, told Media charred body parts of the bomber suggested he was an Arab national.
A senior intelligence official in Kandahar divulged the explosive-packed car hit the convoy carrying officials of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), killing two people and wounding three others. He believed the attacker was an Arab.

Witnesses said three of the injured soldiers were carried on stretchers into a military helicopter while another two choppers were hovering over the area. Soon after the explosion, coalition military vehicles rushed to the site, they claimed.
No one has so far accepted responsibility for the deadly attack. But Taliban have stepped up violence in the south to disrupt the upcoming parliamentary polls scheduled for mid-September.
At least 13 US soldiers have been killed since March in attacks in southern and eastern parts of Afghanistan, months after top American commanders claimed the Taliban-led insurgency was fast running out of steam.

Jun 12, 2005

Ancient town discovered in Afghanistan

Archeologists have discovered an ancient town in the Nirk district of the central Wardak province.

The town, as old as 200 AD, has been unearthed in Alghata Hill at Dadil village, 50 kilometres west of here. The town is spread over about one and half kilometre area, provincial authorities informed.

Zalmai Mayar, head of the provincial Information and Culture Department, has mentioned to media that the historical site was unearthed on May 24 as a result of a joint survey launched by the UNICSO, Afghanistan Archeology Institute and French Embassy in 2003.

"Forty-five workers took part in the excavation following the discovery of the town," Mayar said, adding walls were engraved with different kinds of paintings. He reckoned it would take about six months to fully unearth the site.

He said 19 of the 40 surveys carried out in different parts of the country had proved successful thus far while chances of discovery of more archeological sites were bright

Jun 10, 2005

Italian aid worker freed after 24 days in captivity

Italian aid worker Clementina Cantoni was set free by her kidnapper late Thursday night and handed over to Italian Embassy officials in Kabul.

Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali told a clutch of hard-nosed journalists at 10.10pm: "We are glad announcing that her release has finally been secured after long-drawn-out negotiations."

He thanked the Afghan people including religious scholars, widows and tribal elders for their support in realizing the objective. "Throughout the whole episode, we preferred peaceful means of resolving the crisis with a view to ensuring the hostage's safety."

Cantoni also spoke to her parents, friends and family members following her release, the minister said, assuring the government was determined to stone-wall such incidents in future.

"Clinging to our policy we have made no concessions at all, much less pay ransom, to criminals," Jalali asserted, reiterating all possible measures would be taken to block a repeat of such incidents.

Senior intelligence officer at Interior Ministry Jalili earlier confirmed the aid worker had been freed. "All I can tell you is that she has been released," he snapped without elaborating.

Sources disclosed former Kunar governor Malik Mohammad Zarin had played a crucial role in securing the release of the 32-year-old CARE International worker, who was snatched from her car in the heart of the Afghan capital city on May 16.

Approached for comments, Malik Zarin claimed after several rounds of parleys, kidnapper Taimoor's mother was freed around sundown ahead of Cantoni's freedom. "Taimoor had only one demand, which was met to pave the way for Cantoni being set at liberty," the then governor said, adding not even a single penny had been paid in ransom.

Sources familiar with the marathon, tenuous negotiations confided to Media the woman was in good health, "though she appeared a touch pale and enervated." They refused to be dragged into discussing the nuts and bolts of the talks, which remained shrouded in secrecy.

An Interior Ministry statement released hours before the anxiously-awaited development predicted the crisis would soon come to a peaceful end. "We are now 24 days into this crisis, and are hopeful it will end peacefully," Lutfullah Mashal observed.

He continued the government was in regular contact with the kidnapper and Cantoni's safe release remained its top priority all through the sordid saga.

She has been in Afghanistan over the last three years working for the rehabilitation of war victims including widows and children. It will be pertinent to recall that she had been abducted from Qila-i-Moosa district of Kabul.

The Italian embassy in Afghanistan and the Karzai government ran a hectic campaign, distributing posters and stickers bearing Cantoni's photographs with Afghan women and children.

Published in Pashto and Dari languages, the posters urged people to share information, if any, with the government about the Italian national. A day earlier, Kabul schoolgirls held out stickers seeking public help for Cantoni's release.

source: Pajhwak

Jun 7, 2005

Woman threatened to stay at home

Female aid workers in Pul-e-Khumri city in Baghlan province have been advised to stay at home after three women were found hanged by the neck on Monday morning in the centre of the city.
The bodies had a letter attached threatening women working for foreign aid organisations, according to local sources. One of the three was identified as being involved with the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) and the second was a local civil servant .The third remains unidentified according to Baghlan deputy governor, Daulat Mohammad Rafee, said to Media.

Jun 2, 2005

Silent Atom for Human-being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 1, 2005

Massive Explosion in Kandahar Mosque

Scores of people including the Kabul police chief were killed and wounded in a massive suicide bombing in the southern Kandahar city Wednesday morning, witnesses and security officials said.

The bomb went off with a big bang inside the Abdul Rab Akhunzada Mosque at 9:00am when a large number of people including senior government officials were performing qul for the Kandahar Ulema Council leader Mullah Abdullah Fayyaz.

Giving an eyewitness account, Mohammad Essa told Pajhwok Afghan News Kabul police chief Gen. Mohammad Akram Khakrezwal, widely respected for his commitment to boosting security in the Afghan capital city, was among the fatalities.

Khakrezwal had gone to the Taliban stronghold to participate in the soyem for the pro-government religious scholar, who was gunned down by two unidentified motorcyclists in the increasingly shambolic city on Sunday.

Although the killing of Khakrezwal is yet to be confirmed officially, a knowledgeable source in the Interior Ministry revealed the senior police officer was among the victims. "Yes, we have received reports that Khakrezwal has perished in the blast," he said on condition of anonymity.

According to participants of the religious ceremony, the explosion jolted the mosque as soon as a man clad in military fatigues entered the premises. "Pools of blood and charred human body parts could be seen all over the place, as the injured screaming out in terror ran for the exit," an eyewitness claimed.

Abdul Jabbar, a doctor at Kandahar's Mirwais Hospital, confirmed they had received 16 dead bodies and 30 injured people, some of them in critical condition. He feared the death toll could go up as many of the injured including government officials were in serious condition.

Interior Ministry spokesman Lutfullah Mashal put the number of fatalities at more than 30, but witnesses claimed the toll could be even higher because "we saw nearly 33 bodies." Up to 70 people were inside the worship-place to offer prayers for the renowned scholar at the time of the bombing.

Soon after Maulvi Fayyaz's slaying vehemently denounced by President Hamid Karzai as a cowardly act, Taliban spokesman Latifullah Hakimi had claimed responsibility for the killing.
Just a week earlier, the ousted student militia had threatened to kill ulema drumming support for the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for September 18.

It will be pertinent to explain Gen. Akram Khakrezwal was appointed as Kabul police chief two months back. His resolute stance against armed gangs, bandits and anti-state elements earned him a robust reputation for professional integrity.

In the Taliban era, he had served as Helmand police chief, a province out of the student militia's control at that time. Before assuming charge of office in Kabul, he headed the Balakh police force.

The son of Haji Shahjehan, Khakrezwal was born in Kandahar. After college education, he underwent top-level police training and held a number of senior positions.

news source: pajhwak

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May 30, 2005

What Alternative i have???

May 29, 2005

19 people arrested in PRT bombing...

Police had arrested 19 people for allegedly bombing Baghlan-based Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), which left two Dutch soldiers injured on Thursday.

May 27, 2005

Doutch Soldier Wounded BADLY!

Yesterday on 26th May, two Dutch soldiers were wounded when a roadside bomb went off in the northern Baghlan province on Thursday. The bomb was planted on the Pul-i-Khumri -Kunduz Highway.

The wounded soldiers were part of the Provincial Re-construction Team (PRT) working under the NATO-led international peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan.

Still ther is now clear news from this incident but eyewitnesses said they heard a big bang and saw the soldiers' vehicle aflame.

As far as Karzai had an speach to Afghan Official for forgiving the Taliban leaders Mullah Mohammad Omar + Gulbidin Hikamtiar ( a Islamic fundamentalist leader). Talian increased thier atacks in highways and remote areas even for innocent people, they call them guilty to have help with government.

May 25, 2005

Vote for the first Afghan blogger to win the Blog Awards!

Vote for the first Afghan Blogger!
An Afghan blogger who blogs from inside Afghanistan is selected to International competition of Freedom Blog Awards in RSF.

Reporters Without Borders is calling on Internet-users to vote online for award-winners from among 60 blogs defending freedom of expression. There are six categories: Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Iran and International:

Blogs have become significant sources of news for millions of Internet-users. blogs can relay comments, articles and opinions that are not necessarily broadcasted by the major media. Although, weblogs are not a major medium of communication in Afghanistan but this demonstrates Afghans endeavor for freedom. Sohrab Kabuli (Pen name) has paid heavily for free expression.

Please take a moment and register your vote here:
To Vote:〈=en
To Vote:〈=en

Select the "shared Pain"(; enter your E-mail address – it’s compulsory.

Each Internet-user may vote for only one blog in each category. Please note: your vote will only be counted if you click on the acknowledgement of receipt which will be sent by email. Voting closes on 1st June 2005 and the prize-winners will be announced two weeks later.

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Why I am the Freedom of Expression Award Winner?

Afghan Lord awarded the freedom of expression blog awards in Reporters Without Borders.

May 21, 2005

Seven Afghan Killed in Highway

Six Afghan aid workers were shot dead by suspected Taliban militants Thursday on the Kabul- Kandahar highway in the southern province of Zabul, when they were transporting a body of a man who was killed in neighbouring Helmand a day before.

Zabul governer said to media that this atack was from Taliban.
Officials have not as yet released the identity of the people killed in either incidents or the aid group they were working for.

The attack comes a day after three engineers, working for a US funded anti-drugs project in Nad Ali district of Helmand province, their driver and a policeman were ambushed and killed by suspected Taliban militia.

Officials added that the workers were involved in providing agricultural incentives to poppy farmer’s in the highest poppy yielding region in Afghanistan.
The bodies of the five people were transferred to hospital in Kalat city.

May 17, 2005

Italian Woman Kidnapped In Kabul


Still no sign of Italian relief worker kidnapped in Afghan capital
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Four armed men dragged an Italian woman working for CARE International from her car in the center of Afghanistan's capital on Monday in a bold kidnapping that reinforced fears that militants or criminals are copying tactics used in Iraq.
The kidnapping followed warnings from security agencies that foreigners might be targeted in response to the arrest of a suspect in the kidnappings of three U.N. election workers last year.
A group of "thieves" claimed responsibility for the abduction of aid worker Clementina Cantoni, 32, said Gen. Jamil Jumbesh, head of the Interior Ministry's anti-terror division. He declined to say whether the group had made demands or give other details.
"Four men carrying Kalashnikovs bashed in the window of her car and took her away. They told the driver not to move or he would be shot," said CARE's director, Paul Barker.
The driver had just dropped a Canadian former CARE employee at a house in Kabul's downtown Shahr-e-Naw district when the kidnappers driving a sedan cut off the vehicle and abducted the Italian at about 8:30 p.m., Barker said. The kidnappers then drove toward a nearby Christian cemetery, he said.
Afghan authorities, including President Hamid Karzai, were quickly alerted to the kidnapping after the Canadian woman made a panicked call to Barker, the director said. She made it safely into the house but heard the attackers banging on the car, he said.
Marco Formigoni, a family friend, spoke to reporters outside the Cantoni family home in an upscale Milan neighborhood, relaying the family's hope "that this affair ends quickly and well."
Security forces manning checkpoints through the night found no trace of Cantoni, Gen. Mahboubullah Amiri, a police commander in the Afghan Interior Ministry, said Tuesday.
"They are searching cars and asking the drivers for their documents, but there are no positive signs so far," Amiri said.
It was the second kidnapping of a CARE worker by suspected militants in recent months. Margaret Hassan, the British director of CARE International in Iraq, was kidnapped in Baghdad in October and believed killed, although no body was recovered.
In Kabul, security forces immediately sealed off all main roads leading out of Kabul, said Jamil Khan, head of the criminal investigation department for the city's police. Officers stopped and searched cars in the city center, checking trunks and under seats.
"Police are trying very hard to produce some good news," Khan said.
Cantoni has lived in Afghanistan since 2002, said CARE, one of the largest and most established international aid groups in the country. The organization issued a brief statement calling for her release.
In Rome, the Italian foreign ministry said a crisis unit that has handled past abductions of Italians abroad was working on the case, and that Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini was following the situation.
Relations between the United States and Italy have been strained over the March 4 shooting death of Italian agent Nicola Calipari — who had just helped free an Italian hostage — by U.S. soldiers at a checkpoint in Baghdad.
The abduction follows a string of warnings to the roughly 3,000 foreigners living in Kabul that they could be targeted in attacks, including kidnappings.
On May 7, a suicide bomber blew himself up in an Internet cafe in the same area as Monday's abduction, killing a U.N. worker from Myanmar. Last month, an American civilian was briefly abducted in Kabul but escaped by throwing himself from a moving car.
Kabul had been largely free of the fear of the kind of kidnappings rife in Iraq until October, when three U.N. election workers — one each from the Philippines, Northern Ireland and Kosovo — were seized at gunpoint in the city. They were released unharmed a month later.
A Taliban splinter group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping, though officials and diplomats have suggested criminals — possibly working for factions that oppose the growing authority of the U.S.-backed government — were responsible.
The kidnapping of Cantoni follows a series of violent anti-American protests in Afghanistan sparked by a report in Newsweek magazine alleging that interrogators at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, had placed copies of the Quran in washrooms and had flushed one copy down the toilet to get detainees to talk.
The magazine said Monday it was retracting its report. Newsweek acknowledged Sunday there were errors in the story and said a government source told the magazine he could not now be sure that he saw an account of the toilet reference in a military report.
The report prompted demonstrations in dozens of Afghan cities, and about 15 people were killed in clashes with security forces. Protesters also attacked offices of the government, the United Nations and a string of foreign relief organizations.