Aug 31, 2008

Anger and sadness


Aug 19, 2008

My interview with Liberazione


Here is an interview with me in Liberazione newspaper for the communist party in Italy. The interview is translated from English to Italian Language, you can find in this link.

Also you can read it in Mauro Biani's blog, he is an Italian famous cartoonist.

You can also find information about this newspaper here which is translated by google

I appreciate Mauro who worked on this interview to be published in Liberazione.

Aug 14, 2008

Towards a Critical Situation

The security situation is deteriorated rapidly in the recent days. The rocket attack on Afghan capital airport indicates that the Taliban insurgents broken the entrance stability security gates towards Kabul. This means, Taliban are really close to capital nowadays. Horror is spreading fast among the people; the residents of Kabul are really worry what will happen in the next coming weeks.

Yesterday around 10:30AM there was a heavy conflict between Taliban insurgents and Afghan security forces in Surobi Tangi area (Kabul Province, Surobi District, Kabul-Jalalabad main road) Additional security forces have been dispatched to the area. As I informed, the clash is still going on since yesterday.

Also, yesterday three female aid workers for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and their Afghan driver were shot dead by gunmen who opened fire on their vehicle near the capital Kabul.