Aug 15, 2005

Life is struggle


This part of Kabul called Bahaaristan In Karte parwan district. In this distrect there is no power and water. People bringing their water from the hill slope using donkey those who have enough money for providing foods for this kind animal “donkey” (:

This was the way I was crossing this hill morning and evening. I became friend with children who were taking water to their home. Most of them were asking me to help them by taking their barrel. It was my pleasure to help them and giving my bag to them and carry the two barrel on my hand. Some times I was carrying on my arm and feeling very strong while I was moving up. I took their picture once, in another day when I was crossing they called me Kaka (uncle) I stopped on my feet and wait for them until they reached me. They asked me to give their picture, I promised them to print their picture. In another day I printed about 14 pictures black & white. While I was distributing the picture they were very excited.

On another day, lately I left the office and went home. While I reached the hill I saw a group of children waiting for me to snap them. While I reached them all shacked hand with me, except one. He was very nerves. I asked the cause from him. He was close 8 years old. I asked him why you are looking sad? Moved towards me, with her swollen eye disheveled hair “my photo has stolen by some on my home” she said. I told her to make another photo from her.

Oh I can’t mention all the story. I am really sad that my way is changed crossing the Tepe-Karte Sakhi to Bahaaristan. I should go there may be on Friday or Saturday to meet them again and again.

Unfortunately their families are not able to provide expense to send them to school. This area is very poor place and government completely forgotten them.

Hundreds of institutes are running in Kabul to help and safe the children but this children in this part of Kabul seems to be forgotten. These children should go to school not to work! never.


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