Jul 29, 2006

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Jul 27, 2006

Receiving threats again

Recently i am receiving threats again in my Farsi blog, i do not know how much i take it serious but i am realy worry about it. I don't know why some people like to play with others life.

I may write and update here a bit late not very soon cause i do not have electricity anymore. It is around four days 96 hours which city power has left us. And also accessing to Internet is a bit difficult.


Jul 23, 2006

Two Canadian killed & seven woundling

It was nearly a month which was quiet a bit not hearing about suicide bombing in southern region But on Saturday two suicide attack killed two Canadian soldier and wounding seven others. In this attack seven civilian killed and 31 others left wounding.
The incident happened at 6:00PM on the road Qandahar to Herat, the attack just happened while a convoy of Canadian soldiers was passing the road.

The second attack just happened after 20 minutes in a crowded place while the Canadian soldier and Afghan security police blocked the road for crossing the coalition forces.
The suicide attacks intensifying just after air strike by coalition forces in Helman province which left more dead.

Taliban has already warned that they are going increase their suicide attack against Afghan National Army and coalition forces.

Jul 21, 2006

Burning Afghanistan Flag

Recently two district of Helmand became under control of Taliban But Afghanistan interior ministry has accused the Pakistani religious group Lashkar-e-Tayeba of involvement in recent clashes with Afghan Army and coalition forces.

A press release by interior ministry issued yesterday has said: “as we have received reliable information, the militants of Lashkar-e-Tayeba and internal rebels captured part of Garmsir district and hoisted the flag of Jamiat-e-Ulema (a Pakistani fundamentalist group) after burning Afghanistan flag.

In part of the press release the interior ministry has strongly condemning the violation of Afghanistan border by the militant group and added that Afghan security forces will respond to it.

Meanwhile Hamed Karzai has called the Pakistan ambassador and questioned him about the recent incident.
On the other hand president Musharaf last night had a speech told Afghanistan to stop accusing his country.
Afghanistan officials have said nothing about the recent Parwiz Musharaf’s speech.

Jul 17, 2006

Civilian kills and launching a research team

On Saturday coalition force and Afghan National Army attacked by two attackers in Urozogan Khas district of Urozogan province. The attackers were both killed. In this incident two afghan army injured and two Taliban killed. As the media says after exchanging fires on both side the Taliban militants escaped from the area.

Lately the security situation in Urozgan province has deteriorated after air strikes of coalition forces just 12 kilo meters away from Trinkot (central of province). Coalition air strike killed dozens of civilian which made more anger among people of the district

Hamed Karzai president of Afghanistan has launched a research team to research about killing dozens of other civilians in Nawzad district of Helmand province the most dangerous place which content mostly Taliban in its.

The British force has accepted that in this strike one school which was used as a base for Taliban and attacking against coalition forces has destroyed. The air strike was launched while the British military was in fighting with Taliban and asked from coalition forces for help.

The fighting is continues still in this province.

Jul 13, 2006

Explosion in Spin Boldak

An explosion in Spin Boldak districk of Kandahar province killed two people, wounding two others. The bomb was planted in a handcart by the road. As the media says the news is confirmed by Abdul Wasi a security official in Kandahar.

The bomb exploded in a crowded bazaar which called Wesh a small city close to Pakistan border. Yet no group has claimed responsibility for the accident. Security situation in south Afghanistan getting worse day by day and the continuation of instability has reduced the government’s dominance on the country.

Jul 8, 2006

Three days explosion in Kabul

On 3th of July, a time bomb killed one student girl and wounding six other girls. On Monday morning in Herat University in western Afghanistan. This is the first attack targeting the college students in western country. Lately extremists have attacked primary school in southern Afghanistan occasionally to prevent students, especially girl students.

On 4th of July, six persons were injured while a mine exploded near the ministry of justice just 200 meter away from the presidential place. According to police investigation, the bomb was planted inside a handcart on the edge of the road.

A private car was also damaged in the explosion but police didn’t say how many people killed.
Simultaneously another bomb exploded in another part of the city. This explosion injured one of the interior ministry staff.

On 5th of July, a suicide attack targeted a guest house in Kandahar province left one person dead and wounded six others.
It is the fourth suicide attacks in Kandahar over the past one month.

Simultaneously on July fifth the government employees particularly the national army and police were targeted left one killed and 39 others wounding.
According to Defense Ministry press release the bomb was planted inside a handcart on side of the road under the Asmayee Mountain, the bomb was controlling be remote when the bus reach the point, the bomb blast and lead the bus to deviate on gas capsule in front a shop. The gas capsules exploded by heating and increased fire.

The same time another bomb exploded from a handcart on edge of the road in the northern of the city “khair khana” left one person dead and four others wounding.

On the same day and time the third attacked targeted the army but left no casualties.

Recently one of the Taliban commanders warned to further intensify their attacks on Iraqi militants tactics.
Taliban spokesman has already claimed the responsibility for latest attacks. He added that they are going to continue their attacks specially targeting government’s loyalists.

More check points launched in the Kabul city, vehicles are checking strictly by police. People’s concerns increasing in insecurity situation which get worst.