Aug 14, 2005

Five Taliban killed in Uruzgan

Government authotries claimed the killing of six Taliban following a gunfight in the Marabad area of the Tarinkot district on Sunday evening.

The fight erupted when the insurgents attacked a security post, officials said. Six fighters were killed as the security men returned fire.
Uruzgan Governor Jan Mohammad Khan Mohammadi has told to media that the security forces had launched operation in Deh-Rawod, Tarinkot and Chora districts to net down the militants.

He claimed 15 Taliban guerillas including a commander had been arrested so far. The commander Mullah Janan was captured along with his nine men in Tarinkot while six others were trapped in the Chora district.

The governor vowed the crackdown would continue till rooting out of militants from the area. Afghan army and police with the backing of the US-led coalition forces had mounted efforts against insurgents in the southern and eastern parts of Afghanistan to secure the September 18 legislative elections, a landmark in the history of the war-hit country.

Taliban, on the other hand, issued warnings and stepped up attacks against the US and government forces with the apparent motive to disrupt the polls.


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