Aug 17, 2005

In Cure International Hospital


After three weeks hesitation about my patient, today I went to American hospital “ Cure International” for treatment. I have pain on one of my spinal column band. I do not know really what the cause was and when it started. Pain is not very strong but it increased my concern. Usually I am not going to doctor for a normal patient until I not loss my ability to walk. My father is our family doctor. He is collecting herbs and little bit knows about it. He is going to mountains for searching different herbs. He brings herbs with its root. He always saying lets have herbaceous treatment instead of using chemical medicine.

I am very scared of going to doctor in Kabul, because most of them are illiterate and does not have enough knowledge and experience. Instead of surgery they slay. Instead giving the right advise they give the wrong advise. Instead giving a headache medication, they give penicillin.
I was really worrying what to do. One of my friends advised me I should go to German medical center in Shar-e- naw.

Four days before I went to German medical center for treatment. Unfortunately they did not have orthopedic. The German doctor directed me to American International hospital “cure”. I called in advance and made appointment.
Luckily I found a person to help me. Her name was Erin card. She was American and very kind. She directed me to an orthopedic specialist.
The doctor was very nice guy. I described him my pain. He practically did some basic test from me.
He told me that pain on the backbone is normal among human in between 55% to 85%. He analyzed the pain and said there are two type of pain normal in human body.
He crossed over Organic and mentioned; I am so young and this is unbelievable to say that you have Organic problem.

He emphasized over Mechanic option and said this is normal for everyone. Especially for those who are setting on the chair and working with computer.
Without learning me, he drew my style of my sitting over the chair and said the style of my setting on the chair is completely wrong. He advised me to find a physiotherapist and ask for his guidance.

He wrote a prescription using medication:
DOLOBID 500mg (diflunisal) 20 pieces. Day and night. Mad in U.S.A
BRUFEN Cream 30g (ibuprofen) antirheumatic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory. Made in Pakistan

This medication should be used in six days, if the pain not killed yet, I should go back to see him again.


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