Mar 30, 2006

Converting from Islam to Christianity

As the news of Abdul Rahman vastly spread out in the world of Christianity, many countries called for sympathetic and supporting him. In the first days President Karzai received a phone call from the U.S foreign ministry Condoleesa Rice doubled tension among those Muslims toughed believers in the country. Converting to another religion from Islam is not easily driving to death but cogitating and more analyzing the condition and the situation.

On Wednesday morning reported to media that Abdul Rahman released from prison due to mental problem. But media still pointing on this issue that sparked a serious controversy inside the country. When the judiciary announced that Abdul Rahman should be executed according to Shariah law and a constitution because of converting to Christianity.

A few days before Abdul Rahman had said to the court: “they want to kill me because I am Christian. I believe in Christianity it means I am not infidel”.
His family told to media that he is an infidel and having mental problem but he himself told to media that I am in a good health and I am not afraid of execution, I will not get back to Islam.

Although various international leaders and countries asked from President Karzai to reconsider this issue and some of them warned that if Abdul Rahman go to death they will take out their soldiers from Afghanistan. Pope Benedictus also asked for a fair trial from Karzai.
Abdul Rahman was releasing while tens of fundamentalist parties were coming around to arrange a huge demonstration against U.S.A and those countries which are directly asked for releasing Abdul Rahman. Although thousands of people run on the street in northern to protest against U.S.

Anyway Afghan government released him from prison; this was not accidentally but so wisely from Afghanistan government. If this issue would get a week longer surely it was another controversial subject as Danish cartoonist. Some believed that this may cause for provoking those who still having the shadow of Taliban in the southern.

I believe that this was only a collusion in the country. This was a serious threat against U.S and Karzai government especially for the latest changes which entered talented figures in his cabinet from previous communist regime which Muslim fundamentalists oppose on them. This can be a reason otherwise what is the necessity to carry out the Bible on the street and shows for the others that I become a Christian. We have Hindus and Christian in the country and they are living peacefully. The Christians have church in the capital I am sure the government knows about it.

Abdul Rahman lived for a long time in Pakistan and was known in the past as a fundamentalist. He had worked for Mudjaheedin and had fought against the Soviet Union. Many were talking that he was accused to espionage for ISI. This makes clear for people that he was an active member of Jamiat Islami party which was lead by Ahmadshah Masood, a warlord (The warlord who destroyed the Kabul city vastly). Assassinated by a suspected terrorist just a week before September 11, 2001. In recent years Abdul Rahman was living in Germany, but was deported last year after his asylum seeking was rejected. Abdul Rahman went out of the country but now caused a big tension in the country which can not be stopped soon very easily.

Mar 27, 2006

We have no problem!!!?...!???...?!!!

President Karzai says: Right now Afghans have no problem... They are living in a welfare society... their children playing with U.S dollar... Afghan children are not begging anymore... each of them having dollars in their pocket!!! BUT Karzai forget to come in the city and look the children in the street…

Mar 14, 2006

U.S soldier killed in accident and four killed in explosion

A U.S soldier killed on the road of Kabul to Jalalabad. A press release from U.S military base in Bagram International airport has said that this was accident while the U.S solider were going for a combat towards Nangarhar. Torkham is a place which the accident happened. It added that the soldier died on the way while a military vehicle returning him to the Bargam airbase.

The statement added that on Sunday four US soldiers were killed in a landmine explosion while cruising to a remote district.

Mar 12, 2006

Well-known Afghan Rubab player performs in NYC

The Music of Central Asia on Stage in New York, Tuesday, March 21, 2006:

Exile from Kabul, Fourteenth-Century Poetry in Tajikistan, and the Music of Nomadic Kyrgyzstan

Ranging from Kabul to Samarkand, VIA KABUL: Central Asia Without Borders features Homayun Sakhi, admired as the outstanding Afghan rubab player of his generation, Tengir-Too, a Kyrgyz ensemble that reveals the passions and rhythms of mountain nomads, and The Academy of Maqam, which sets mystical, Sufi-inspired verse to lyrical melodies that were once played in the pleasure domes of Samarkand and Bukhara.

Tuesday, March 218:00 pm ConcertMiller Theatre at Columbia University116th & BroadwayNew York City$15 tickets for the public, call the Miller Box Office 212-854-7799 or visit in person M - F 12 – 6 PM
Co-presented by the Aga Khan Music Initiative in Central Asia and the Columbia University Arts Initiative.
More information on the NYC

Mar 4, 2006

My Farsi blog hacked by Saudi

My Farsi blog was hacked by some idiots. Recently I wrote an article about Sex and Quraan (Muslim holey book), Sex and Islamic society in my Farsi blog. Over the last few days I received lots of critics and warnings. And yesterday I received a message that told me I had to ask God for forgiveness. They warned me to stop writing about Islam. They told me to wait for the results of what I wrote about Sex and Quraan in my Farsi blog. I mentioned a verse from Quraan that gives direction to Anal Sex. And I wrote something about women and taboos in Islamic society.
I am not sure how it’s possible to trace and find them. Who enlightens me?
So today I am really sad; I lost my posts and I am sad that people who hosted me are not too reliable and secure which I thought they were. Ipaid and asked them to take care of it. It’s very normal that my Farsi blog goes down for almost five hours in 24 hours and I’m really tired of such inconveniences.

For the hackers: I am sure that hackers who do jobs like this one are like terrorists and as brutal as al-Qaeda. They are only different in position and place. Their attacks are against your mind, thoughts, and believes. They terrorise your pen, your freedom and independency. They are attacks to limit the world to say no to freedom of expression. Hackers are criminals like Saddam Hussain, just a bit different.

I am depressed; I had no archive of my posts. I kindly ask, if you are able please help me. I want to host my Blog somewhere in a very secure host server. I am ready to pay to advertise but I need a secure place to publish my thoughts.

Please help me!

Mar 3, 2006

What Title i should put on this??