Oct 31, 2005

HIV increasing in Afghanistan

Minister of Kabul public health minister Dr. sayed Mohammad Admin Fatemi has told to media that Health Ministry has joined the UN and the world mass mobilization on October 25th under the title of “be united in the cause of children” and “ be united for campaign against AIDS”.

Minister added in his speech; in the recent years, a large number of children and adolescent haves have fallen the victims of HIV.

Dr.Fatemi added that daily 14000 people have been affected by AIDS world-wide and from this 5000 are 15 to 24 year of age, already 2.2 million children under 15 are affected, 15 million children are orphaned because of this disease.

The minister continued that 45 cases of AIDS are registered in Afghanistan and from this number, 28 are males and the remains are 17 females. Three cases were observed among children while two of them have died.

Dr.Fatemi has announced that a department of AIDS has established in central poly clinic on 2003 within the framework of Public Health Ministry to check, diagnose and treat patients those who are affected by HIV.

Oct 26, 2005

Government performances report

Afghanistan Government is going to release a report on performance of the past one year. This report would cover the performances of all ministries and independent departments which launched over the past one year.

Presidential spokesman Mohammad Karim Rahimi has said that the government which leads by Hamed Karzai has achieved a lot of various fields and rejected the critics of media that Karzai government performance had been satisfactory.

Afghanistan government has a lot of problems. From last year till now they had nothing changed but worst. Administration corruptions which hocked the wheel of development and progress inside the cabinet are still increasing. Karzai had gave promise to the nation that the government is able to make long and short term plan for the first two month after his elected starting date but still nothing heard and nothing placed in all those promises.

Oct 24, 2005

Two senior officials killed in Afghanistan

Two days before, bombs planted by suspected Taliban rebels killed a top policeman and a senior intelligence officer in Afghanistan.
The police director of southwestern Nimrooz province and a guard were killed later Thursday when a remotely denoted car bomb tore through their vehicle as they were going to evening prayers, as interior ministry spokesman said.

Another person who called Haji Nafas khan was the second senior policeman in the province; four other civilians were wounded in the blast in the provincial capital of Zaranj.

In another incident blamed on the Taliban Thursday an employee of the Afghan Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance organization was killed and another was wounded after they were attacked in northerwestern Faryab province.

The Taliban has also been blamed for the murders of the three pro-government Islamic leaders in the pas two weeks; one of them while speaking for audience in Islamic believes in the mosque explosion happened.

The killing of these two Islamic leaders made people angery and thousands of people marched in the eastern city of Khost to condemn the killings and ask the government to protect religious leaders and to destroy terrorist hideouts.

Oct 20, 2005

French soldiers injured

Yesterday afternoon,two French soldiers were wounded while their vehicle hit the explosive device in the Shamali plains, northwest of the capital of Kabul.

Media says today morning the soldiers who wounded were part of the ISAF’s Kabul multinational brigade were patrolling in the French area of operation in the Shamali plain when their armored vehicle hit a roadside landmine. The injured soldiers taken for treatment by the French military.

Updated news link related to Afghanistan
The Army Criminal Investigation Division continues its investigation into alleged misconduct by U.S. service members, including the burning of two dead enemy combatant bodies under inappropriate circumstances. Read more here at CENTCOM

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - The Army Criminal Investigation Division has initiated an investigation into alleged misconduct by U.S. service members, including the burning of dead enemy combatant bodies under inappropriate circumstances. Read more here at CENTCOM

Oct 15, 2005

Afghan children

Oct 10, 2005

Five killed

Based on reliable souce reporting five people, including a local commander, were killed and three others sustained injuries in an explosion in the southern Kandahar today morning.
The explosion happened in the Madad Khan square of this provincial capital. Source says all the dead and injured were either family members or security guards of the commander, Sha Agha.

Reporting add that some labourers were working in front of the commander's house when the blast happened. With the exception of an injured labourer, rest of victims were either family members or bodyguards of the commander, they added.

It seems was not a landmine blast but seemed a suicide attack.

Oct 6, 2005

2 killed, 3 Canadian injured

On wednesday a suicide bomber blew himself up in his pick-up and killed a child while injuring three Canadian troops in the restive eastern Kandahar province.
Asadullah Khalied has pointed out thtat the bomber detonated the pick-up near a passing tractor, whose driver was wounded a minor boy killed.

three Canadian soldiers also suffered slight injuries in the explosion that took place near a base the troops on the road leading to the airport.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Canada-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in the city has pointed that the blast occurred just when a convoy of Canadian armored jeeps was passing near the attacker.

A Canadian military jeep was damaged by the explosion, said Captain Francois Giroux, who added an old farmer was seriously injured. The two Canadian soldiers were slightly hurt, he continued.

The attack in Shoor Andam area is being investigated and forces have been sent to the area. On Tuesday, five people asl were killed in an explosion in the border town of Spin Boldak near the border with Pakistan.

Oct 5, 2005

threats against international workers

The Ministry of Interior has received a threat from the "Timur" gang,associated with the arrested Timur Shah, that the group has threatened tokidnap more aid workers to secure Timur Shah's release. Timur Shah wasinvolved in the kidnapping of CARE International worker Clementina Cantoniand was arrested on September 27th, 2005.

The U.S Embassy takes thisopportunity to remind U.S. citizens in Afghanistan to maintain a high levelof vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their securityawareness. The Embassy recommends that all Americans living and working inKabul continue to restrict their movements, observe the strictest ofsecurity measures, and defer any unnecessary travel around the city.

The U.S Embassy particularly recommends that U.S. citizens in all parts ofAfghanistan avoid traveling alone at any time. The Embassy remains concerned about threats involving areas where foreignersare known to congregate. From time to time, the Embassy places areasfrequented by foreigners off limits to its personnel depending on currentsecurity conditions. The Intercontinental Hotel remains off limits toEmbassy personnel. Additionally, all restaurants continue to remain offlimits; unofficial travel is limited during daylight hours and is forbiddenafter dark. Use of the Kabul-Jalalabad Road remains restricted due toongoing threats against Western vehicles and interests traveling in thatarea

Oct 4, 2005

Warning to forieng people

Today unconfirmed reports from a reliable source that the group affiliated with the abduction of Clementina Cantoni are planning to kidnap International people in Afghanistan to ensure the immediate release of Ms. Cantoni kidnappers (most prominent: Timor Shah) who were recently re-arrested by the Afghan law enforcement authorities in Kabul city.

According to the information, the group who was behind the kidnapping of Clementina Cantoni is established in Kabul, Mazari- Sharif and Herat provinces and is planning to kidnap Internationals for the release of their colleagues in custody and or ransom.