Jun 19, 2005

Freedom Expression in Afghanistan

Freedom of _Expression in Afghanistan can be seen from two different points of view.
If we consider the current realities of Afghanistan as a mega picture, freedom of _expression will have but only a niche in it. A closer look will prove that such a freedom is associated with a range of factors and parameters.

Authorities' vision is quite dissimilar to the opinion of those liberals who have the experience of media undertaking. The State has formulated the rules of mass media in which freedom of _expression has significantly been safeguarded.

But, the implementation of such rules would be highly difficult. The culture of tolerance of opponents has not become institutionalized. There have a number of instances in which the 'official' guardians of freedom of _expression have not tolerated criticism of their deeds.

The most important evidence, showing lack of freedom of _expression and its representation in Afghanistan, is apparently unknown groups that can be termed as warlords or sometimes terrorists.

As a matter of fact, this country is at the edge of falling into the mafia trap. Some even believe that the present state is in the grips of Drug Mafia.

The blocking factor of freedom of _expression over the centuries and years has only and merely been the "Sharia-oriented vision by some religious leaders, who consider themselves as "commissioners of religion. They do misuse religious orders in line with their own benefits.

This group has many times prevented the establishment of freedom, and betrayed the public. Their opposition to Amanullah, a freedom-loving king, who freed his country from the British, made him to leave his country for good and curse it.
I think in order to overcome this obstacle; one has to take careful but strong steps. Any rapidity could result in a fresh disaster. Gone are the era of revolutions and insurgencies. One has to think of reforms, and try one's bests towards achieving freedom of thoughts and _expression.

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