May 25, 2005

Vote for the first Afghan blogger to win the Blog Awards!

Vote for the first Afghan Blogger!
An Afghan blogger who blogs from inside Afghanistan is selected to International competition of Freedom Blog Awards in RSF.

Reporters Without Borders is calling on Internet-users to vote online for award-winners from among 60 blogs defending freedom of expression. There are six categories: Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Iran and International:

Blogs have become significant sources of news for millions of Internet-users. blogs can relay comments, articles and opinions that are not necessarily broadcasted by the major media. Although, weblogs are not a major medium of communication in Afghanistan but this demonstrates Afghans endeavor for freedom. Sohrab Kabuli (Pen name) has paid heavily for free expression.

Please take a moment and register your vote here:
To Vote:〈=en
To Vote:〈=en

Select the "shared Pain"(; enter your E-mail address – it’s compulsory.

Each Internet-user may vote for only one blog in each category. Please note: your vote will only be counted if you click on the acknowledgement of receipt which will be sent by email. Voting closes on 1st June 2005 and the prize-winners will be announced two weeks later.

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Why I am the Freedom of Expression Award Winner?

Afghan Lord awarded the freedom of expression blog awards in Reporters Without Borders.


Nasim Fekrat said...

I voted already

Anonymous said...

Would you like to write a profile of Sohrab Kabuli and description in English of the kinds of things he writes about on his blog? We would love to post that at Global Voices Online (see
Rebecca MacKinnon

Anonymous said...

HI Sohrab,

I send a message in your Mail Box please check and answer me soon!

Gateway Pundit said...

Sohrab- I love your site!!!

Thanks for the comment on Raima on my blog. Tragic!

Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

I also voted for him (Afghan) to be the winner

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