Nov 20, 2005

Taliban receive foreign support

Defense minister General Abdul Rahim Wardak said that Taliban had received military and financial supports from outside. In an interview with certain media he added that Taliban had acquired millions of dollars as well as weapons to conduct subversive activities in Afghanistan.

Arab and nationals of other foreign countries including the neighboring nations, he added were carrying out Iraq style suicide attacks here. According to official sources that refused to be named, 22 suicide attackers infiltrated the country.

Defense minister Wardak also admitted recently that Taliban and Al Qaeda had increased their activities in south and southeast Afghanistan. Media reports indicate that Al Qaeda, Taliban and fighters loyal to Gubudin Hekmatyar have intensified their activities in Afghanistan

Nov 17, 2005

Suicide attack left 4 dead

Suicide attack leave 4 dead in Kandahar
Four civilians were killed as a suicide attacher hit his Corolla car to a convoy of US military in Kandahar city on Wednesday.

Two persons were injured in the incident. The vehicle of US army was destroyed and left dead which is unknown yet that how many US soldier were killed in this incident.
Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yosuf has told that this attack was organized by a loyalist Taliban on 16th of November.

Nov 12, 2005

Afghan Army and DEDIA

For the first time 40 afghan army officer trained as in charge of Media in Army.

For the first time 40 Afghan army officers trained from of all army bases in the country to take a new responsibility in Media arena.

The officers of defense ministry have passed a 16 days training which held by American trainer and ended at 28th august 2005 at the Kabul Military Training Center.

From all around the country officers has joined to this course. The course was attending to teach them how to contact with the Media organizations in the country and out of the country to acknowledge what the Medias say about Afghanistan Army.

Colonel KOEHR one of the trainers to this course has pointed out that I hope after passing these training officers will be able to take their responsibility truthfully for strengthening of Afghanistan Army in the country.

Nov 8, 2005

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005


Practical guide for journalists

Insurance policy for freelance journalists and photographers on assignment

World AIDS Day

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Nov 7, 2005

Intensifying attacks on foreign troops!

Taliban's leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has called on his followers to intensify attacks on foreign troops.
This message was broadcast in Ariana TV a few days later on the eve of Eid Al Fitr (muslim ceremoney after Ramazan) on Saturday.

Mullah Omar called on loyalists to speed up offensive on foreign and Afghan troops. Taliban spokesman Abdul Hai Mutmaeen distributed the message to Media.
Taliban intensified their attacks especially in the south and southeast of the country over the past two months.

Nov 6, 2005

15 Taliban killed

The US and Afghan troops in ajoint operation conducted in Urzugan and Paktia provinces last week, eliminated 15 Taliban fighters, a US authority military in a statement said last week.

According to the statement, three U.S troops and five Afghan soldiers were also wounded during the gun firing battle. Governor of Urzugan Jan Mohammad confirmed the killing of six Taliban last Thursday.

Kandahar, Zabul and Urzugan have been the scene of increasing militancy since early this year. according to officials over 1400 people including 70 US troops have been killed