Oct 31, 2005

HIV increasing in Afghanistan

Minister of Kabul public health minister Dr. sayed Mohammad Admin Fatemi has told to media that Health Ministry has joined the UN and the world mass mobilization on October 25th under the title of “be united in the cause of children” and “ be united for campaign against AIDS”.

Minister added in his speech; in the recent years, a large number of children and adolescent haves have fallen the victims of HIV.

Dr.Fatemi added that daily 14000 people have been affected by AIDS world-wide and from this 5000 are 15 to 24 year of age, already 2.2 million children under 15 are affected, 15 million children are orphaned because of this disease.

The minister continued that 45 cases of AIDS are registered in Afghanistan and from this number, 28 are males and the remains are 17 females. Three cases were observed among children while two of them have died.

Dr.Fatemi has announced that a department of AIDS has established in central poly clinic on 2003 within the framework of Public Health Ministry to check, diagnose and treat patients those who are affected by HIV.


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