Oct 5, 2005

threats against international workers

The Ministry of Interior has received a threat from the "Timur" gang,associated with the arrested Timur Shah, that the group has threatened tokidnap more aid workers to secure Timur Shah's release. Timur Shah wasinvolved in the kidnapping of CARE International worker Clementina Cantoniand was arrested on September 27th, 2005.

The U.S Embassy takes thisopportunity to remind U.S. citizens in Afghanistan to maintain a high levelof vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their securityawareness. The Embassy recommends that all Americans living and working inKabul continue to restrict their movements, observe the strictest ofsecurity measures, and defer any unnecessary travel around the city.

The U.S Embassy particularly recommends that U.S. citizens in all parts ofAfghanistan avoid traveling alone at any time. The Embassy remains concerned about threats involving areas where foreignersare known to congregate. From time to time, the Embassy places areasfrequented by foreigners off limits to its personnel depending on currentsecurity conditions. The Intercontinental Hotel remains off limits toEmbassy personnel. Additionally, all restaurants continue to remain offlimits; unofficial travel is limited during daylight hours and is forbiddenafter dark. Use of the Kabul-Jalalabad Road remains restricted due toongoing threats against Western vehicles and interests traveling in thatarea


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