Dec 19, 2005

Historical day in Afghanistan history

Today is a historical day in Afghanistan political history. Today all representatives will gather together to shake hands and promise to do good for Afghanistan. Today they will inaugurate the parliament, which is an important legislative body of government.

Today is a public holiday in Afghanistan in respect of inauguration of parliament. People seem happy although suffered of injustice and war in the last 24 years. In their faces you can read; no war after this, brotherly and friendly living.

All highway and sub-way roads are blocked cause of security. I walked long distance to reach a Café net. Roads are very restricted by ISAF and ANA, not allowing people to move towards the city. I am connected from a Café net, Very crowed here, low internet connection spend more money. One hour I should pay 80 Afghanis = one dollar and 80 cent.

I will write you after this regularly from Kabul. I am backed in my lovely homeland. I like the sky of Kabul, I love my people my lovely people. I love walking alongside of the roads and rocks in the mountains which embraced the city.


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