Jul 1, 2005

Thousands of reconstruction projects ending soon

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) will complete thousands of small reconstruction projects across the country under the National Solidarity Programme.

Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development Mohammad Hanif Atmar told Media on Thursday that as many as 8,300 projects costing $100 million and being executed in 33 different provinces would be completed soon.

He added the National Solidarity Programme largely focused on potable water schemes, irrigation plans, building schools, upgrading the power system and road construction.
In response to a query, the minister claimed locals had been consulted on which projects suited them best. The schemes under the National Solidarity Programme were initiated in line with suggestions floated by residents and in deference to their genuine requirements.

In all, Atmar pointed out, 25,000 villages would benefit from the 18-month-old programme, which would run for another three years. But the reconstruction effort will continue beyond the three-year duration of the plan.

Following the plan's conclusion in three years from now, the minister explained, the government would extend loans to the masses for reconstruction projects.