Sep 15, 2005

Afghanistan Parliamentary election

Only a few days are left before the historic parliamentary and Provincial Councils in Afghanistan. This is a great national event in which the Afghans are paying a great hope and expect that this should lay the foundation for a democratic society in their land. It is true because for the first time in its volatile history the Afghanistan nation is going to the polls to elect their representatives to the Parliament and the Provincial Councils in a democratic, free and fair manner.

With holding of the parliamentary and the provincial councils elections we in fact are completing the mandate of the historic BONN agreement that demanded formation of a people’s elected the prevailing challenges lying before the nation.
With these lofty aims in mind, the representatives of the nation and the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in particular are facing the gravest challenge of the time that is to overcome and shoulder the heavy load of the people’s problems and the great task of reconstruction of the country and the same time unifying the ranks of the tribes and nationalities in Afghanistan to ensure their active participation in the political life and rebuilding of the country and in promotion of democracy.

The Afghanistan nation is passing through its most delicate period in history at a time that the sworn enemies of this country intensifying their intrigue and wild sabotage by embarking on terrorist attacks against the National Army, the coalition forces and NGO workers and the state officials. Thus in most cases they are taking the lives of the innocent souls to satisfy their wild wishes, in spite of the fact that the security forces are in fully awareness and are taking every precaution to prevent their assaults.

Meanwhile, the people are willing to vote for the best personalities who can represent them in the country’s parliament and the provincial councils. The future parliament of the country should be the house of people and a center to bring all Afghans together brotherly and try to solve their problems. The Parliament should ensure legality and justice and to enable the public enjoy their rights in the country’s constitution and other enforced laws.
It should be noted that the political developments in Afghanistan are also in the focus of attention of the international community and the friends and foes of the country and they are monitoring our movements and every step that we are taking towards consolidation of democracy and social justice in the country. They may ask whether this poverty-stricken nation can bid farewell to its past better period and promote democracy and legality in the wounded country.

Meanwhile, the lofty aspirations of the Afghanistan nation can be realized through the members of the new parliament to be elected on the 18th of September 2005. our parliament should be strong enough to address the ground realities of the country and lead the nation towards prosperity and well-being. Because the nation expect their representatives to the country’s to take note of these realities and show to the world that they are really a united nation and they can overcome their problems with unanimity of view and coexistence.
The Afghanistan nation should not forget the global community helps and should thank from the international especially those who sent troops to Afghanistan for taking the security land. God bless them we appreciate of different kids of helps from international. Hope to not forget Afghanistan again.


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