Dec 23, 2005

Good News

Earliest, there was a word and the word itself was God (bible)

As a high rank visitor and demanding for an independent web-site, finally I determined to have an independent web page for my own pen:
In this blog I am going to broadcast my programs; interviews with well-known people, making funs program and broadcasting music through this Podcast (Radio Sohrab). The first program of Radio Sohrab would be “Freedom of_expression in Afghanistan”.
The name of this Podcast called “Radio Sohrab”. Radio Sohrab is an independent internet radio which you can re-listen and expressing your comments about each programs.

Beside regular updating daily the news and articles there is a window called “Link-dani” (Link-pot) in this part you will have a very latest updated news around the world, this part may update each morning and afternoon.

There is also a link of pictures in the left side of the page; all pictures are loaded in Flickr server. Pictures are showing the daily status life of Afghans in side Afghanistan, All of the pictures are taken by me (sohrab) from: Mazar-e-Sharif, Sheberghan, Aqcha, poll-khomri, Panjsheer, Shamalli, Sayad, Jalalabad and Kabul. In the picture you will read what does mean life in Afghanistan and what problem they have and suffer from, what has changed and what is under changing. How looks like Afghan people, how beautiful they are and what they wearing and how they are walking, what they are eating and what they are drinking, what they love and what they hate of, what makes them angry and what makes them smiling.
What the Afghan women wears out of their house, what makes them so restricted to cover themselves, what means Islam in their covers. these things you can read on the photos which I am cogitating to have a point view of the people and the society which I am living.

In the right-side bar I have linked the important web news sources; calls “the biggest sources links”. This will help Afghan press to have access to giant network news sources.

All published posts are archived by subject in ten categories: daily, social, politic, news, literature and poet, satire, international, technical and No description (contained picture and cartons).

Bellow the archive you can subscribe in order to receive notice of updating the blog.

Most of the Podcast program will be translated to English for my English blog Afghan LORD. I will also publish the text to the main page so some people can get it to publish in their publication and paper BUT the source address and pen name must be mentioned. This is highly asked from reader to respect the copy-writes. I informed by people from Iran that news paper in Iran has published some of my articles, only mentioned my name. I am kindly asking here please please mention the pen name and web name. I would be happy.

I really need your help and comments! Let me know what needs to change and what needs to be added that I have forgotten.
Finally, let me mention that after this I can interview with those people who want to interview in specific issues but inform me in advance please. Finally i understood that silently living and writing is a kind of censorship and self-restriction. I am not afraid of threats and intimidation, after this you will be able here my voice over the web through the Radio Sohrab.

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