Oct 24, 2005

Two senior officials killed in Afghanistan

Two days before, bombs planted by suspected Taliban rebels killed a top policeman and a senior intelligence officer in Afghanistan.
The police director of southwestern Nimrooz province and a guard were killed later Thursday when a remotely denoted car bomb tore through their vehicle as they were going to evening prayers, as interior ministry spokesman said.

Another person who called Haji Nafas khan was the second senior policeman in the province; four other civilians were wounded in the blast in the provincial capital of Zaranj.

In another incident blamed on the Taliban Thursday an employee of the Afghan Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance organization was killed and another was wounded after they were attacked in northerwestern Faryab province.

The Taliban has also been blamed for the murders of the three pro-government Islamic leaders in the pas two weeks; one of them while speaking for audience in Islamic believes in the mosque explosion happened.

The killing of these two Islamic leaders made people angery and thousands of people marched in the eastern city of Khost to condemn the killings and ask the government to protect religious leaders and to destroy terrorist hideouts.


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