Sep 12, 2005

Media evolution briefly in Afghanistan

The various political movements and regimes in Afghanistan have propagated their respective ideology and socio-political strategy through particular publications. Due to this fact, the World Press Day has often been marked with enthusiasm in the country with the publishing of a series of publicity materials.
The first and the foremost publication was release in the reign of Habibullah Khan called “Shamsul Nahar” that basically aimed to enlighten the common people in Afghanistan. Later on, in the time of Amir Amanullah Khan, another newspaper entitled “Serajul Akhbar” was operating under editorship of Mohamood Tarzi, and outstanding writer and literary personality who was also nominated as father of journalism.
Parallel with the lapse of time and change of the political atmosphere in the country, new dailies and publication were released. Currently there exists some 750 various independent as well as government publications in the whole country.
In addition, the Radio and TV networks have not only increased in number but also their viewpoints are diverse. In the capital of Afghanistan there are 12 Radio station right now, most of them are broadcasting 24 hours with live programs and verities kinds of programs:

Radio station based in Kabul (capital of Afghanistan)

1- Radio Afghanistan
2- Radio Kilid (key)
3- Radio Subh Ba Khair
Afghanistan (good morning Afghanistan)
4- Sadayee Zan (voice of women)
5- BBC
6- Dutsche welle
7- RFE
8- Radio ISAF
10- Radio Salam Watandar (greeting countryman)
11- Radio Watandar
12- Radio Zafar Paghman, (victory of Paghman)
TV Station based in Kabul

1- Afghanistan TV
2- Ayena TV
3- Afghan TV
4- Ariana TV
5- Tolo TV
22 are registered in the ministry of Information and culture but running only five of them nowadays in Kabul

Besides of Radio and TV station there a number of newspapers and magazines. There some news agencies which are running nowadays in Afghanistan like: Pajhwak news agency, Bakhtar Infromationa Agenciy, Hindu Kush news agency and the voice of Afghan. The establishment of the Kabul times in 1962 included four pages funded by the government with some 180 fully skilled and professional employees but as a result of the last two decades long political transformations in the Afghanistan, the number of staff decreased to 40 persons. This English-languages paper is considered the point of the view of the government particularly at the international level and the common people as well. The Kabul Time has been recognized for over 43 years.

ANIS Daily, have being also a government newspaper was established in 1927 by Ghulam Mohi yudin Anis a cultural person. This paper had often been published in 8 pages. It covers varied political, social, cultural and economic developments and commentaries.
The independent periodicals include are many and all registered in ministry of information and culture. It is hoped that these help possibly grow and boost up the people’s thinking power and potential as well.

To manage the countries publications, there exists a Pres Law that helps develop and direct the entire mass media in the benefit of democracy, social justice, peace and security, cultural and political advancement in Afghanistan.


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