Aug 12, 2005

After long standstill in Afghan Linux

After a long standstill again i start posting on my technical blog Afghan Linux. This blog will contain my experience in IT and more involved technology in Afghanistan. I am writing in my native tongue Dari (Farsi) which the three country Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan are talking to this lovely tongue.

This blog is opened especially for my ages, for young generations who love to learn for making a new Afghanistan with a new face in the world not the face of terror and Al Qaeda. In this blog mostly I try to encourage youth to move in new technology as revolution.

In this blog I try to fight against censorships, against terror and intimidations, against any restriction role in using Internet in Afghanistan.

Recently I heard people was trying to make a new role about Afghanistan press, people were trying to make a role in Webs as well. Like if any person or institute want to make a Web site, they should take permit to make a Web site. How logical is this!!????!!

I will make report this happens to my Farsi and English blog. Internet in Afghanistan is very new and people do not know what is the Web, Blog and Internet. People like Shinwari (fundamentalist guy in legislation) want to make Internet policy!!! How funny are these guys!!!!!

Actually this is not responsibility for Shanwaris But ICT specialist who have already the knowledge of Information Technology and the way of using. Afghanistan government should ask from western country to help in this case otherwise fundamentalist will handle to make restrictions in ISPs. They should come and help for making a public policy for ICT in Afghanistan not a lawyer who illiterately came out in the society!!!


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