Sep 24, 2005

Attack on U.S soldiers

On Friday Two US soldiers were wounded in Kandahar
The US soldiers injured when a roadside bomb exploded on a military convoy near the Kandahar City. The explosion was followed by firing from suspected Taliban hidden in the area, announced in a press release issued from US Bagram airbase.
In the ensuing fight, the US forces captured three attackers. The statement further said the injured were shifted to a US military facility at Kandahar airport where their condition is stated to be out of danger.

On Friday, coalition forces claimed they had gunned down 10 Taliban in the Deh Rahod district of the southern Uruzgan province.
Meanwhile, four rockets landed in the Deh Sabz district of the central capital of Kabul last night while another two rockets hit a house in Jalalabad, capital of the eastern Nangarhar on Saturday morning.

Officials here confirmed the attack but said it was not directed at the ballot counting centre at Pul-i-Charkhi. The rockets landed in Deh Sabz which is far from the centre where vote counting is underway.

In a similar attack, two rockets landed in Jalalabad. One rocket hit a residential house while the other landed on a road.
Sources have announced the attackers wanted to target the counting centre to disrupt the counting. But the police chief rejected the possibility. Earlier, ballot count was delayed for a day when two rockets landed near the regional centre in Jalalabad on Tuesday morning.


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