Nov 26, 2006

Going to unknown trip

I had always dream of discover, where I lost my kids, where I stared to fox’s green-eyes. The day, when I found my treasure, was an old book. It was a bunch of love poems. This book, later helped me to write in top of my love letter to my beloved but she never looked back and never heard my heart beat. She went until I swallow my tears. She went but drove me to trace her in poems, story and sounds.

Later on I wrote down for her absence:

Burned my garden of tulips,
Gone flower of my side
Without you, I have neither color nor scent
Oh, your step is my spring

And now I am going to unknown trip. Where Paulo Cohilo found her love “Fatima” in the oasis of Egypt in red dress carrying jug of water, where he was searching to discover his treasure which a gypsy woman whispered him. No, I am not going to feel in love but not certain again. Oh I am going to discover some where but where? That is unknown for me.
A trip to unknown territory may be which is not discovered yet.

My absence here has two powerful reasons:
Either I am gone to the land of dead
Or I am alive but don’t have access to internet.

Your comments make me courage and feel not alone.

Nov 22, 2006

But the news never heard from media


"Early morning my mother gave me these eggs to sell them in the street in order to buy food. It was too cold to hold these in my frozen hands.
The eggs were supposed to help us survive, but i am not to go back like this..." the child said.

Excerpt: Nowadays, many Afghan children are working and selling eggs, cigarettes, plastic bags, chewing gum, and lots of other cheap things in the streets. Many others lay naked on the streets to attract passionate people to give them money.
Many others have been taken from the streets and smuggled into Pakistan. A few smugglers have been arrested but they are still active.

Day by day live is becoming more frustrating for Afghan children. There's no safe shelter nor places nor funds to educate them. There was horrible news from an orphanage in Kabul of which the manager was a man. He raped several children of different age, but the news never heard from media.
I heard this from a 12 years old girl who was allowed to enter and talk with some of the orphans. Many of them told her, "We were raped several times by our manager".

Who is hearing these voices? Who cares about Afghan children?

Last night i chatted with a friend of mine in the Netherlands. I was telling him the news from Kabul, that over the last year 1107 innocent people had been killed.
He said "when I am hearing such news i get sick".
But i told him that such news is very familiar to us, hearing about suicide attacks, that injure lots of people.

When is Afghanistan going to be healed?
That would be a dream i think, for each Afghan.

Five Year old girl Raped in Kabul

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Coming Tough winter


It is only a few days after heavy rains in Kabul. Kabul city is surrounded of mountains these mountains covered of snow now. The weather is going freezing day by day to reach the sub-zero.

Last year it was 18,20 minus zero. More than 15 people died and frozen in passages and roads. The year before more than 200 people died but for the government it was only news to say we are sorry for people who die.

There was a story in news; a beggar who came early morning on the street to attract the runner’s attention to compassionately receive helps but frozen.
People from the vehicles were throwing money to him but he was not moving, while in the midday his son came to him to take him for launch. Calling his father “papa lets go to eat launch” but papa is not alive anymore.

This winter coming to freeze the poor people. Fuel, woods and gas are getting higher and higher price day by day. One kilogram gas costing 0.90 cents, 7kilo woods costs 0.90 cents and diesel costs 0.65 cents per liter.

Nov 20, 2006

Terrorist uses Graveyard


Based on press release from Kabul police authorities a number of explosives things and some IDs found in an old graveyard in the central capital of Kabul.

The explosives and evidences were placed in a special pocket hidden in the cemetery. The documents were containing instructions on bomb-making and suicide attacks against internationals.

There were also some passports which were representing the identity of foreign citizens. Kabul police says most of the passports were belong to Pakistan citizens including some Arabic countries.

Nearly it is two months since the explosion in front of Interior ministry and a number of other explosions in the south. For the last two month people where living in a peaceful condition in Kabul and now this indicates the terrorists are active to their foreboding decisions.

Nov 19, 2006

Women Born Into 'Bad Luck' in Afghanistan...

Here are two exclusive stories by Okke Ornstein an internationally acclaimed journalist working on assignment for in Afghanistan. He reports from Kabul:

Women Born Into 'Bad Luck' in Afghanistan
Five-year-old Fawzia was lying in the sand and didn't move. She was bleeding heavily from what was left of her private parts. Mohammad could only stare at her, frozen in awe. Five minutes earlier, he had been at the back of his house chopping wood when a child came running up to him. "They've kidnapped her!" the child yelled. "The man with the white scarf has taken her!" That man with a white scarf had come to the playground where Fawzia frolicked, punched her in the face and taken her to a garden.
There, he raped her.

"These crimes are common in Afghanistan," says Sajeda of RAWA, an organization that fights
for women's rights.
Read this story here

Also here another story by this pen in NewsMAX

Click on Taliban Threatens 'Grow Poppy or Die!'

Policemen in Afghanistan are not happy with their lives. The highest-ranking officer makes about $80 per month, and "the Taliban pay better," one policeman tells me.
Would he go fight with them? "They haven't asked me. But I have to survive. If they asked me I would," he replies. Read the whole story here

Nov 13, 2006

Poppy legalization banned in Afghanistan

The committee of counter narcotics which was made by a group of parliament member rejected a part of the law on drugs that was legalizing poppy cultivation for research and medicines purposes.

Both officials of the narcotics ministry and committee rejected the legalization of growing poppy cultivation for healthy purposes in a meeting on Sunday. Mullah Taj Mohammad Mujahid, head of the parliamentary committee on narcotics, said to media, allowing growing of poppies for whatever purposes was against the country's constitution.

A few weeks ago, the Senlis Council also stopped to run there policy on narcotics. The Senlis council was working for licensing opium in Afghanistan but interior minister asked them to stop and close their office.

Abdul Khalil Shirzai, head of the law enforcement section of the ministry of counter narcotics, told, they were supporting decision of the lower house committee.

Earlier, he said they wanted to have some poppies in the country to be used in painkiller medicines and research purposes. Shirazi said: "Now we are agreed to ban poppy cultivation as it is against constitution and the law enforcement agencies are too weak to control its growing for the specific purpose."

The draft banning poppy cultivation has been prepared by ministries of counter narcotics, justice and interior as well as the Supreme Court and Office of the Attorney General. Mujahid said he was discussing the draft law with representatives of the counter narcotics to have a well-prepared version of the law presented to the parliament soon.

Nov 9, 2006

One ISAF soldier killed and 2 injured

On Tuesday one ISAF soldier killed and two others injured when their vehicle hit a roadside explosive device in Panjwayee district of the southern Kandahar province.

A press release issued on Tuesday said the soldiers were conducting patrol as part of the countrywide joint ANA- ISAF Eagle Operation.

The wounded troops were evacuated to the ISAF hospital at Kandahar for treatment. The release did not mention health condition of the injured soldiers.

Accordance to NATO policy, ISAF does not release nationalities of casualties prior to the relevant national authority.