Apr 29, 2006

U.S & Coalition forces weakness against Taliban (2)

Recently Karzai has delivered the list of new cabinets which involved mostly from intellectuals and the some of them with communist background, there is a hope for the people for betterment of tomorrow.

On the other side people are all aware what is going on in this country. People aware of ANA (afghan national army) and police authorities who directly involved in poppy smuggling and mafia. The interior ministry bases and police bases are diverted to base of smuggling. The mechanism of new management and changes have made no sense in decreasing the number of victims against insurgents in the country. However they are trying to deny their inaccuracies but among the people this is not something like not hide from view. The victim increasing due to lack of an organized management and mechanism.

Sadly to say that opposite of common expectations the new cabinet the number of crucial ministry occupied by non-professionals and not adequate figures. There was some which couldn’t get enough votes and didn’t have the circumstances enough but recommended again and elected.The prior minister of interior ministry fired from his job, the previous ministry of financed fired from his job because they both were linked to Zahir shah, Karzai afraid of those two, this was only to take a step ahead for preventing of clashes. And the new changes has no clear reason than hiring relatives and friends. They are not thinking about making a united nation, a power nation to forget the past of discrimination; to forgive and forget they were killing each other but they are only like a group mafia which only thinks about position and earning bucks. This is like a catastrophe which the dealer and Afghan authorities running in this country.

There is not proposed a framework of organized basic management and maintenances and nothing heard about. International communities observing how the things are hang to refresh the deal.



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