Apr 25, 2006

U.S & Coalition forces weakness against Taliban (1)

Increasingly suicide bombing and attacks around the country especially in the southern against international and American forces made embarrassed those whom are involved in the game especially the U.S.A. This caused to an ill-considered action against rebels.
Military operations against Taliban and Alqaeda are nothing else but propaganda. What got the result of the latest operations and what were the previous operation results if did the operation?
Never heard the U.S military operation arrested the insurgents.

These kinds of operations not only decreased tension but doubled and changing people view badly. The fumblingly bombardment by U.S and international forces over the villagers in different area made an indignation among the people. This is increasing day by day not only in the southern but spread among other villagers. On the other side Taliban and Al Qaeda are strengthening day by day

The U.S military operations this time was a tragic event. According to coalition forces spokesman they killed more than 30 civilian in Kandahar and Zabul provinces. Among the victims there were many women and children. This time also repeated as the last deals; Karzai and coalition forces authorities satisfied only expressing excuses on their mistakes.

Again they announced seriously that they will investigate why they are killing the civilian, why they are killing the homeless people. The afghan people already knew such hallow promises and nothing got from investigations, this time wouldn’t be better than previous but reaped.

As we have parliament now, but I am amazing what they are dealing about? At least they should take a bit responsibility against crimes and tragic events in the country which driving to a terrible future. At least to bring their voice up why this tragic is not ending in our country??



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