May 2, 2006

U.S & Coalition forces weakness against Taliban (3 & final)

The only thing which made people suspicious and pessimistic to the government are the deals and agreements which signed hidden and not giving reports or notice to the citizens. Such deals made people change their motivation and view to the government. For example a few days before their was an argument in parliament about why coalition forces are killing the civilians and why the U.S soldiers periodically killed the ANA (afghan national army) soldiers even did not excused?

As the U.S army spokesman told to media that it was a mistake but on the other side they should remind that this mistakes harm the honor and the reputation of the Karzai government. U.S soldiers should give report to the government and government has the responsibility to inform the citizens. They should clarify that why they attack on the villages which they have no specific information about the Taliban which attacked from where? Taliban are alike guerilla, they do not have a specific base.

This would not help to remove the Taliban from this territory easily. U.S and coalition army should handle the heavy job in supporting the Afghan police and Afghan army to teach them how to handle struggle against the insurgents inside the country. Because Afghans know their land better than foreign troops. This will reduce the numbers of victims.

Otherwise, if they do not pay attention, this may lead the future of this country to difficulties to numerous. The government should listen to their citizen what people request for. The government should clarify each step going forward with their dealers. The government should reports annually what has done and what are pending.


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