Apr 6, 2006

Trip reports from Kabul to Peshawar (1)

The last five days I didn’t have access to my Blog while I was in Peshawar (northern of Pakistan). I tried many Net cafes in the city but ISPs blocked the Blogger service. I heard from someone that blog service was banned when the Mohammad cartoons made Pakistan Muslims mad. So, I am sorry for those who asked question and I left no answer for them. I was in a short trip to Peshawar. I snapped a lot on the going to Peshawar and staying there.

Peshawar is a place which was and is a settlement for Afghan refugees over the last decades. Peshawar was a place for growing different Afghan parties. All wickedness takes its rise from Peshawar. Peshawar was a place for growing up the kernel of Taliban and a good place for ISI to well-versed in Afghan geopolitics and tools for Pakistan to help for U.S wants.

The U.S helped Mujaheedin parties to fight against the Soviet Union. Those who were trained and armed by the U.S. are now standing against the U.S. If you go to Peshawar, walls of mosques and homes there are full with slogans like "America get the hell out of here", "U.S. wants to make Afghanistan the center of chaos", "U.S. wants to vandalize the basics of our believes, we do not allow U.S in Afghanistan" and a lot more.

(I wanted to snap some these chants but a person prevented that the tribal area is not safe, so I should be careful). On Fridays Mullas (religious guys in mosques) gather people for praying. They start speeching about Islam commands and guidance but step by step go to political issues like Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iraq and Palestine. They are telling a few verses of Qoran and tell believers to be aware of their jobs, which God sent to them through Mohammad. When the prayers become provocative enough, they call them to Jihad against U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In Peshawar lots of religious schools run with the support of Saudi Arabs and some religious Arab and Pakistani guys. In those schools you can find students from different countries, like Afghanistan, Chechnya, Arab countries and from Africa. Most issues they learn about are related to Islam. They are getting trained to defend Islam, they are trained how to get ready for suicide attacking against those who are armed to the teeth. They believe this is the only way to make upset those friends which look after them as an evil. They believe that after such a suicide they are shifting to heaven directly by angels which come from God. They have strong believes in their religion...

Photos from Peshawar (northern of Pakistan) here


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