Nov 19, 2006

Women Born Into 'Bad Luck' in Afghanistan...

Here are two exclusive stories by Okke Ornstein an internationally acclaimed journalist working on assignment for in Afghanistan. He reports from Kabul:

Women Born Into 'Bad Luck' in Afghanistan
Five-year-old Fawzia was lying in the sand and didn't move. She was bleeding heavily from what was left of her private parts. Mohammad could only stare at her, frozen in awe. Five minutes earlier, he had been at the back of his house chopping wood when a child came running up to him. "They've kidnapped her!" the child yelled. "The man with the white scarf has taken her!" That man with a white scarf had come to the playground where Fawzia frolicked, punched her in the face and taken her to a garden.
There, he raped her.

"These crimes are common in Afghanistan," says Sajeda of RAWA, an organization that fights
for women's rights.
Read this story here

Also here another story by this pen in NewsMAX

Click on Taliban Threatens 'Grow Poppy or Die!'

Policemen in Afghanistan are not happy with their lives. The highest-ranking officer makes about $80 per month, and "the Taliban pay better," one policeman tells me.
Would he go fight with them? "They haven't asked me. But I have to survive. If they asked me I would," he replies. Read the whole story here


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