Nov 26, 2006

Going to unknown trip

I had always dream of discover, where I lost my kids, where I stared to fox’s green-eyes. The day, when I found my treasure, was an old book. It was a bunch of love poems. This book, later helped me to write in top of my love letter to my beloved but she never looked back and never heard my heart beat. She went until I swallow my tears. She went but drove me to trace her in poems, story and sounds.

Later on I wrote down for her absence:

Burned my garden of tulips,
Gone flower of my side
Without you, I have neither color nor scent
Oh, your step is my spring

And now I am going to unknown trip. Where Paulo Cohilo found her love “Fatima” in the oasis of Egypt in red dress carrying jug of water, where he was searching to discover his treasure which a gypsy woman whispered him. No, I am not going to feel in love but not certain again. Oh I am going to discover some where but where? That is unknown for me.
A trip to unknown territory may be which is not discovered yet.

My absence here has two powerful reasons:
Either I am gone to the land of dead
Or I am alive but don’t have access to internet.

Your comments make me courage and feel not alone.


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