Nov 22, 2006

Coming Tough winter


It is only a few days after heavy rains in Kabul. Kabul city is surrounded of mountains these mountains covered of snow now. The weather is going freezing day by day to reach the sub-zero.

Last year it was 18,20 minus zero. More than 15 people died and frozen in passages and roads. The year before more than 200 people died but for the government it was only news to say we are sorry for people who die.

There was a story in news; a beggar who came early morning on the street to attract the runner’s attention to compassionately receive helps but frozen.
People from the vehicles were throwing money to him but he was not moving, while in the midday his son came to him to take him for launch. Calling his father “papa lets go to eat launch” but papa is not alive anymore.

This winter coming to freeze the poor people. Fuel, woods and gas are getting higher and higher price day by day. One kilogram gas costing 0.90 cents, 7kilo woods costs 0.90 cents and diesel costs 0.65 cents per liter.


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