Apr 29, 2006

U.S & Coalition forces weakness against Taliban (2)

Recently Karzai has delivered the list of new cabinets which involved mostly from intellectuals and the some of them with communist background, there is a hope for the people for betterment of tomorrow.

On the other side people are all aware what is going on in this country. People aware of ANA (afghan national army) and police authorities who directly involved in poppy smuggling and mafia. The interior ministry bases and police bases are diverted to base of smuggling. The mechanism of new management and changes have made no sense in decreasing the number of victims against insurgents in the country. However they are trying to deny their inaccuracies but among the people this is not something like not hide from view. The victim increasing due to lack of an organized management and mechanism.

Sadly to say that opposite of common expectations the new cabinet the number of crucial ministry occupied by non-professionals and not adequate figures. There was some which couldn’t get enough votes and didn’t have the circumstances enough but recommended again and elected.The prior minister of interior ministry fired from his job, the previous ministry of financed fired from his job because they both were linked to Zahir shah, Karzai afraid of those two, this was only to take a step ahead for preventing of clashes. And the new changes has no clear reason than hiring relatives and friends. They are not thinking about making a united nation, a power nation to forget the past of discrimination; to forgive and forget they were killing each other but they are only like a group mafia which only thinks about position and earning bucks. This is like a catastrophe which the dealer and Afghan authorities running in this country.

There is not proposed a framework of organized basic management and maintenances and nothing heard about. International communities observing how the things are hang to refresh the deal.


Apr 25, 2006

U.S & Coalition forces weakness against Taliban (1)

Increasingly suicide bombing and attacks around the country especially in the southern against international and American forces made embarrassed those whom are involved in the game especially the U.S.A. This caused to an ill-considered action against rebels.
Military operations against Taliban and Alqaeda are nothing else but propaganda. What got the result of the latest operations and what were the previous operation results if did the operation?
Never heard the U.S military operation arrested the insurgents.

These kinds of operations not only decreased tension but doubled and changing people view badly. The fumblingly bombardment by U.S and international forces over the villagers in different area made an indignation among the people. This is increasing day by day not only in the southern but spread among other villagers. On the other side Taliban and Al Qaeda are strengthening day by day

The U.S military operations this time was a tragic event. According to coalition forces spokesman they killed more than 30 civilian in Kandahar and Zabul provinces. Among the victims there were many women and children. This time also repeated as the last deals; Karzai and coalition forces authorities satisfied only expressing excuses on their mistakes.

Again they announced seriously that they will investigate why they are killing the civilian, why they are killing the homeless people. The afghan people already knew such hallow promises and nothing got from investigations, this time wouldn’t be better than previous but reaped.

As we have parliament now, but I am amazing what they are dealing about? At least they should take a bit responsibility against crimes and tragic events in the country which driving to a terrible future. At least to bring their voice up why this tragic is not ending in our country??


Apr 15, 2006

Child and Stubborn Dog in Mazar-e-sharif


Apr 8, 2006

Trip reports from Kabul to Peshawar (2 final)

On the way from Torkham border to Peshawar the car engine caused a problem, and we waited for a long time in the valley. I tried to talk some more with children who were surrounded the car. I couldn’t speak Pashto but a bit. They were asking me about Canadian soldiers in the south. They told me that a Canadian soldier killed their brother who was innocent. I told them I am not familiar with such issues and asked them why they were interested to know such things. They told me; this is our job as a Muslim. I asked bout their education; they told me they are going to the mosque to be trained by a local religious leader. I asked them if they have weapons in their houses. They told me that all people in the Tribal Aeria are armed.

It became dark when the car was fixed. The car was like a van. Other cars stopped on the way in front of mosque in the valley. An aged man called every one to get out of their cars and going to pray. Late at night I arrived in Peshawar.

On the border while the passport office stamped my visa for entering, I brought my camera out from my packet to snap the man who was selling nuts and fruits. Suddenly he shouted at me and ran towards me holding a short stick. I was surprised and shocked of what went on while the others just looked when the man attacked me. I took up my bag from the ground, and stared to the man with his long beard and mustache. He took my hand and asked me why you are taking photo from me? I told him: I liked your shop and the fruits you are selling here. The picture would be a gift for my friends in Kabul, to show them that I saw a shop with good fruits and a good shopkeeper.

He started screaming and asked violently: "don’t you know taking photos is prohibited in Islam?" I told him, I am sorry, I really don’t know, but I apologize to you, I didn’t take your photo. A policeman there came to me. He took the man off from me and I was relieved for a while. A person going to Kabul reached to me and said: "Don’t you know they are Taliban? don’t you know Taliban prohibited photography under their rule? I knew this from before but this was really an 'unawareness' scene for me.

Photos from Peshawar (northern of Pakistan) here

Apr 6, 2006

Trip reports from Kabul to Peshawar (1)

The last five days I didn’t have access to my Blog while I was in Peshawar (northern of Pakistan). I tried many Net cafes in the city but ISPs blocked the Blogger service. I heard from someone that blog service was banned when the Mohammad cartoons made Pakistan Muslims mad. So, I am sorry for those who asked question and I left no answer for them. I was in a short trip to Peshawar. I snapped a lot on the going to Peshawar and staying there.

Peshawar is a place which was and is a settlement for Afghan refugees over the last decades. Peshawar was a place for growing different Afghan parties. All wickedness takes its rise from Peshawar. Peshawar was a place for growing up the kernel of Taliban and a good place for ISI to well-versed in Afghan geopolitics and tools for Pakistan to help for U.S wants.

The U.S helped Mujaheedin parties to fight against the Soviet Union. Those who were trained and armed by the U.S. are now standing against the U.S. If you go to Peshawar, walls of mosques and homes there are full with slogans like "America get the hell out of here", "U.S. wants to make Afghanistan the center of chaos", "U.S. wants to vandalize the basics of our believes, we do not allow U.S in Afghanistan" and a lot more.

(I wanted to snap some these chants but a person prevented that the tribal area is not safe, so I should be careful). On Fridays Mullas (religious guys in mosques) gather people for praying. They start speeching about Islam commands and guidance but step by step go to political issues like Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iraq and Palestine. They are telling a few verses of Qoran and tell believers to be aware of their jobs, which God sent to them through Mohammad. When the prayers become provocative enough, they call them to Jihad against U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In Peshawar lots of religious schools run with the support of Saudi Arabs and some religious Arab and Pakistani guys. In those schools you can find students from different countries, like Afghanistan, Chechnya, Arab countries and from Africa. Most issues they learn about are related to Islam. They are getting trained to defend Islam, they are trained how to get ready for suicide attacking against those who are armed to the teeth. They believe this is the only way to make upset those friends which look after them as an evil. They believe that after such a suicide they are shifting to heaven directly by angels which come from God. They have strong believes in their religion...

Photos from Peshawar (northern of Pakistan) here