Jan 9, 2006

Officials invovled in drug trafficking

Deputy Interior Ministry on counter narcotics General Mohammad Daud has accused some officials at the Kabul airport of involvement in drug trafficking.

Addressing a press conference a few days before that some employees of the airport are involved in drug smuggling. In this regards, he address that recently four policeman with 500kg of contraband were arrested in an airport of the country.
Eighteen drug smugglers including Nigerian Nationals which were recently detained with drug by police in Kabul Airport.

The international police (Interpol) General Daud informed those drug mafias were trying to use Afghan airports for trafficking the contraband outside the country.
However he added that the government was determined to eradicate poppy and in this case trained 1300 police to send in Badakhshan, Nangarhar and other poppy growing provinces.
The Afghan government as well as UN reports has confirmed 21 percent were decrease in poppy cultivation from last year.


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