Apr 6, 2005

Why Afghanistan begs Bush not to move US envoy to Iraq?

US media have said Khalilzad, who has been Bush's special envoy to Kabul since late 2001 and was made US ambassador to Afghanistan in 2003, will be nominated for a similar mission in Iraq in coming months.
Khalilzad was widely credited with saving Afghanistan's first presidential election from disaster in October after opposition candidates threatened to boycott the results following allegations of fraud. Read more here

what Afghan President Hamid Karzai says???:
"The Afghan government... must be better informed about, and play its due role in, steering the development process."

"the ultimate body accountable to the Afghan people".

"The government must become the anchor for a more integrated, transparent and accountable development effort."

Election pledge
The three-day conference is focusing on spending strategy rather than aid pledges.
It began a day after the Afghan government announced its budget for the coming year, in which one-third of the $4.75bn sum is to be spent on security.
About 93% of the budget comes from foreign donations.
Afghan Finance Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Ahady said the government would address international concerns over the transparency of spending, but added: "I urge all of you to channel most of your resources through our budget." Read the complate article here


Rosemary Welch said...

I will pray that every country, including my own (USA), keeps their promise to your government and you. It is better to say nothing, than to make a promise and break it. This is what God says. I will remind them! Have a great day.

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