Apr 15, 2005

Gas Project

Work on a three-way gas pipeline project, long delayed by security concerns, will get under way in December
Construction work on the $3.2 billion project, carrying Turkmenistan's natural gas to Pakistan via Afghanistan, would begin by the close of the current year, Mines Minister Eng. Mir Mohammad said yesterday in a press conference.

Completion of the project would take almost three years, he said, adding the meeting in Pakistan's capital city that concluded on Wednesday, discussed the security situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan's growing energy needs and Turkmenistan's willingness to export the gas.

Ministry advisor, the pipeline will have a length of 1700 kilometer and a diameter of 56 inches. About a 750-km portion of the pipeline will run cross Afghanistan.


Rosemary Welch said...

This is wonderful! It sounds like jobs will be filled for many people. At least for 3 years. Then they will need to maintain the pipeline! This is great.

Maybe we could get some of the people who sell drugs (very bad!) to work on the pipeline instead? The money they earn would surely give them enough to plant food, cotton, and other things.

With cotton, you can start your own manufacturing operation! You can hire people, so there would be jobs. If you treat those people right, they will respect you. You will even be popular! Hey! The next step may even be Parliament!

Thank you for letting me voice my hopes for Afghanistan. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great.....Afghanistan has begun to move.

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