Apr 17, 2005

Warns of attacks

A top military commander of US-led coalition forces, claiming several senior Taliban leaders were in talks with them, warned on Saturday of a surge in militant attacks.

According to Barno, the moderate camp is willing to join the ongoing national reconciliation effort initiated by President Hamid Karzai - trying to map a route to stability in his country.

"In coming six to nine months, the radical Taliban will increase their militant activity to make their presence felt in the media," said the commander, who voiced optimism the former ruling militia would lose much of its strength in a year.

Local police arrested an attacker who shot injured a man in this eastern provincial capital city yesterday.

The assailant, Ghulam Ahmad, pumped four bullets into Gul Saeed from Kunar at an intersection in Jalalabad the people who were witnessing the incident said this to media.

Dr. Almas Sherzad said Gul Saeed had been administered medical aid, and that he has received no serious injuries. "One of his kidneys has been hurt slightly."


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