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May 27, 2021

endless mode of injustice

The United States says Israel has the right to defend itself, meaning it can drop as much bombs as it can that disproportionately impact Gaza's civilian population. The US has now pledged $ 75 million to the Palestinians to rebuild Gaza. I read somewhere that the reconstruction of the destroyed areas in Gaza from a decade ago is still going on. 

During the brutal Israeli attacks that lasted 11 days, about 2,000 houses were completely destroyed and more than 15,000 others were damaged. It will take another decade to rebuild, but several thousand more homes may be demolished before they get reconstructed because US unconditional support for Israel's oppressive government's brutality is endlessly encouraging.

But there is a bitter irony in American benevolent aid to Palestinians. That is, we support Israel to do everything in its power to destroy you, but we also help you rebuild. That is, we share in both your destruction and reconstruction. Can you see the endless injustice?

May 21, 2021

out of desperation

This morning I heard on NPR that a truce between Palestinians and the state of Israel is ensued. A correspondent was reporting from the streets of Gaza where people came out to celebrate the ceasefire. In the background, the sound of drums and singing could be heard. It seemed that everyone was happy that the cruel and oppressive apartheid state has finally agreed not to pour bombs on people's homes and kill children any longer.

What a sad world we live in that now people are taking to streets to celebrate their survival and to produce euphoria that they were not completely eliminated. Concerning about human rights and respect for humanity? Forget it, that is a joke for the Israeli government and its accomplice, the US.

Unwavering support for Israel and the statement that it has legitimate right to defend itself produce more violence and further apartheid and persecution. The question is, how long will this unequivocal support lasts? Only time will tell.

Apr 20, 2011

Young Israelis and Palestinians Debate


Here in a program directed by Riz khan on Al Jazeera, young Palestinians and Israelis face off in a debate about their past, present and future. What do they think about their leaders, and do they think they will see peace in their lifetime?

It seems that to Israeli youth the pain of Palestinians are not quite understandable. Palestinians have suffered from multiple losses, including losses of territories and also human beings since the formation of Israel in 1948. On the other side, Palestinian youth are complaining about the way they are treated by the Israeli soldiers and settlers. Rez khan has done a great job bringing these youth from both sides together to talk about their issues. Without a doubt, this kind of debate would have impact on both sides and would be important to pave the way towards negotiation and peace. What these young people hope to achieve is peace for both sides. Both have shared pains, but the new generation should take initiatives towards peace.

Mar 7, 2011

The Middle East Doesn't mean Israel or Palestine anymore

The recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, and seemingly sweeping across the entire Middle East have definitely shocked the world. No one was expecting such cataclysmic movements one after another. However, these uprisings also give a new picture of the Middle East to the world, especially to Western countries - a new picture that encourages people in the West to no longer see the Middle East as Israel or Palestine, but as an original Middle East, a larger area with relatively cohesive and in some part homogeneous people living with the same culture and religion.

Young Middle Easterners have proven that they can change their fate and shape it to their wills. These people no longer tolerate living under tyrannical regimes, and the most important things we have sees in these uprisings are the demands of freedom. In these uprisings, hundreds, maybe thousands of people have been killed so far; nonetheless, as the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt triumphed in striving for democracy and freedom, they proved that no one can take away people’s freedom, even if you can kill a few of them.

Returning back to the subject, for the past decades, the only thing we have been hearing and reading about the Middle East was the conflict between Israel and Palestine. In many institution of higher education there are branches specifically teaching students about Israel and Palestine conflict. From now on, this could change; scholars would suggest studying a broader perspective of the Middle East.