Dec 31, 2018

How to Assimilate into American Culture Through Football

Yesterday, I went to the Philadelphia Eagles game, which is my adopted team. We tailgated outside the Redskins stadium, at FedEx Field in Maryland. It was full of joy to cook and drink with my favorite people and meet some new ones. Lamb me, I got drunk pretty early, but I was able to handle it well. On my way home, I walked for nearly two hours to burn out some calories, but I got really tired when I got home. I slept like a log last night.

The Eagles, my team, battled hard to get into play-off by victory of 24-0 over the Redskins. That means there is some hope for the reigning champions in postseason.

On a different note but still related; if you are new in the United States, try to learn about American football. In fact, the best advice that I can give to people who are new in this country is to follow American sports, especially football. American football is more than a religion, it is a national pride. It plays an important role in American identity. If you become a fan of American football, you have gained respect and appreciation of American people. To them, you are a comrade, regardless of your skin color, religious or ethnic backgrounds.

I have firsthand experience since college and yesterday, when I got on subway in D.C wearing my Eagles jersey and hat, I received lots of smiles and nods from passengers on the train. Everyone tried to strike up a conversation with me about my team. Someone told me that his mom is an Eagles fan, but he is a big Redskins fan. But still he wished me good luck.

Contrary to soccer, American football is very complicated. When I first came to American, the first thing I wanted to do was to learn how American football works. BBC World Service had a basic guide to American football. I tried to find it but I could not located on their website, but now you can find tons of guides online. This wikiHow guide is a good first step to understand the roles and terminology of the sport. The rest, you can follow on Youtube, simply type "guide to American football." You will have tons of video guides in front of you.

So, if you want to assimilate to American society, one way is to understand American football. Try to go to your favorite team's game. If you can't go, wear apparel and gear of your team on game day. You can watch the game on TV and make sure you talk about your team and its players with great passion and enthusiasm. This is a key to understanding American people, culture, and customs.


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