Feb 6, 2006

Protesters want to explode the Danish Embassy

In the recent days, hundreds of people in different provinces like Khost, Logar and Badakhshan protest and condemned the Cartoonist and the publication which printed the cartoons of Mohammad recently.
The demonstrator were asking from Afghanistan government to close the Danish embassy in Kabul. They also asked from Danish government to apologize and calling the cartoonist and newspaper in international court for trial.

Most of the protesters were chanting and wanting from Muslims to explode the Danish embassy while the other were wanting from Afghanistan government to send the Danish troops serving inside International force peace keeper out of Afghanistan.

A few days before, Afghanistan parliament also condemned and ask for trial and punishment of cartoonist and published the cartoons.

Today in Kabul there was also tens of people run out for demonstrating against blasphemy in Danmark which committed by a different publications. Protester were blocked the road in Wazir Akbar khan street and trying to find out the location of Danmark Embassy in Kabul, they could find the exact building but damaged the cars and building in Wazir Akbar khan – Kabul.
Demonstration is hugely increasing in different part of the country. In Parwan province the high way were heavily blocked by protesters and blazed the building the institutes of cleaning mines.


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