Feb 7, 2006

Poison gas against protesters in northern Afghanistan

Today morning hundreds of people in different provinces of Afghanistan ran on the streets for demonstrating against Danish publication in blasphemy about Mohammad the prophet of Muslims. Protesters in Maimana the central of Fariab blazed the PRT office. PRT soldier to avoid of further danger used poison gas against extremists and protesters.

According to a local reporter more than 40 protesters taken to the hospital and one protester killed while PRT soldier open fired on them.

Demonstration is continuing in Herat. Demonstration is followed today in Kabul, people for demonstration avoided by police to enter in the city but still there are 4 injured and lots of cars and buildings damaged. Yesterday they also damaged many buildings and blazed cars and shops.

Protesters going up on the wall of Danmak Embassy while they are trying to blaze the Embassy of Danmark. Here are the photos


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