Mar 22, 2005

Afghanistan and Pakistan ties

Recently Hamid Karzai Afghanistan President had a visit from Pakistan. The day when Karzai reached in Pakistan was a Pakistan-Day.
This visit was happen on Tuesday. Hamid Karzai and his counterpart General Pervez Musharraf tried to forge a broad-based relationship with a trust on invigorating trade and economic ties and expressed the common commitment to set-up their coordination in the fight against terror.

President Hamid Karzain and his counterpart Gerneral Pervez Musharraf told the to media after formal talks that they remain firmly committed to rooting out terrorism for sustainable development, peace and stability in the region.

There was also another news which some afghans whom were passing long term in Lahore prison, they released in Karzai’s visit to Islamabad.

I hope this bilateral ties move the two country for a better tomorrow.


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