Dec 20, 2004

Why Afghan Lord?

I started this blog to share my opinions to a broader audience. I have been blogging in Farsi for the past few years but I never maintained it well. I jumped from service to service - meaning I never preserved one specific address for blogging. Blogger hasn't yet enabled or added Farsi language, though Arabic was there like hundreds of other languages. Blogging on Iranian server is not a pleasing experience. Since Iranian blogging services are controlled by the Iranian regime, I must restrain the rein of thoughts lest the Iranian government become angry and force the blogging service to delete my blog. It has often happened. Iranian blogging services have deleted several blogs which authored by Afghanistan. In fact, I was notified by the Repoters Without Borders that has blocked more than 540 IPs belonging to users logging to their server from Afghanistan.

Anyhow, this blog is created to voice some ideas and spur demands for discussions. This is also a platform where I can alleviate some inner feeling of anxiety. I must finally rid my mind of uncertainty, I feel I have been in some sort of erratic mood. This mercurial temperament must had been one of the reasons that I have never been able to establish a state of tranquil. Perhaps, I am afraid of tranquil lest I fall into the ditch of a humdrum life.

I open this window for discussion and for blogging on social and political lives of Afghans. If you are interested in looking at Afghanistan from a different perspective and non-biased, then here is the place. I must rebel against this kind of thought, too presumptuous one. It is not true at all that I am not biased. Every is biased in someway or the other.


Paul Edwards said...

Hello Sohrab. Welcome to the free world.

"Who can believe that Afghanistan got his peace from more than two decades an awful situation?"

It sounds like you are happy that peace has now arrived.

"What is doing United State of America in Afghanistan? What they doing there and what they want from Afghans?"

The USA brought you the peace that you cherish. What they want is for Afghanistan to be a normal peaceful country, with no terrorist training facilities. They are building the Afghan National Army so that no armed group can seize power, so that Afghanistan will remain a democracy.

Surely this is a good thing?

Nasim Fekrat said...

Thanks Edwards, for your noble imagination.
Yea, we like peace.

But there are something running in our country that i do not like. I like to highlight them here in my blog.

lets see,

Paul Edwards said...

Sohrab, "there are something running in our country that i do not like. I like to highlight them here in my blog"

Can you provide details? This is what I am most interested in - what you don't like. Do you like the fact that you've got a new army that is loyal to the country/constitution instead of loyal to any one man? Do you like the freedom of speech which you are using now? Has Karzai done anything you don't like? I'm not sure what your complaints are. Also, the US troops are not the ones patrolling Kabul. The ISAF doesn't have US troops in it. So why are you questioning what the US is up to and not what France, Germany etc etc are up to? And regardless, what's your theory as to what they're up to? The US is against dictators. Isn't that a good thing? Don't you share the same goals as the US? I hope you can tell us more about your thoughts on this.

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