Sep 13, 2014

Bidel: The soft earth reflects the footprints

هرکه رفت از دیده داغی بر دل ما تازه‌ کرد
در زمین نرم نقش پا نمایان می‌ شود

Harkî raft az dîdah dâghe bar dîl-e mâ tâzah kard
dar zamîn-e narm naqsh pâ nomâyân meshawad

whoever left us
ailed us
and left a wound in our heart
like the soft ground 
reflecting the footprints
                                                                       Poem by Mirza Bidel
                                                                      Translated by Nasim Fekrat

Note: this poem was translated a while ago. It was republished on the web without reference. I changed the translation, not for that reason, but because I realized it was not translated accurately.


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