Mar 9, 2014

The Fantasized Dejection

Your day starts with rejection that sinks you deep in dejection. You are being half-hearted, and gradually start depriving your hope. A feeling of desperation, and defeat vapor in you, and fleetingly cloud your sight; despair is the word that you could name it.

But, no, that is not true. I should not feel that way. After all, tomorrow, when the sun rises, I will put on my new shoes, and rise again.

I will forget what befell me, it will not hurt me, and I must remember that this is the beginning of the first season. I blame the malignity of the time, but I have the temerity to challenge the fate, if, there is one. Oh, I must not forget that this is the first chapter; I should note that, in the end, the defeat is an experience toward victory.


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