Feb 26, 2014

Legendary Guitarist Does Not Play Anymore

You with your lightening-speed of fingers on the strings of guitar dazzled millions of people around the world; with your rhythms of flamenco, you knocked on the doors of millions of hearts. You transcended beyond the borders; through your magical fingers on guitar, you talked to every individual in the same understandable language and in the same level, either rich or poor, they all equally enjoyed your music. Like sun, your music illuminated the hearts and lasted deeper than sun. Today, thousands of your fans are grieving for your unexpected death.

Paco De Locia died today, he was born in a poor family, and as a poor boy he could not finish his school, but later, as an accomplished guitarist, he brought technical skills of flamenco tunes into a sublime perfection, which rose him a world-renown guitarist.
Rest in peace, Paco de Lucia, my favorite guitarist!


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