Mar 4, 2006

My Farsi blog hacked by Saudi

My Farsi blog was hacked by some idiots. Recently I wrote an article about Sex and Quraan (Muslim holey book), Sex and Islamic society in my Farsi blog. Over the last few days I received lots of critics and warnings. And yesterday I received a message that told me I had to ask God for forgiveness. They warned me to stop writing about Islam. They told me to wait for the results of what I wrote about Sex and Quraan in my Farsi blog. I mentioned a verse from Quraan that gives direction to Anal Sex. And I wrote something about women and taboos in Islamic society.
I am not sure how it’s possible to trace and find them. Who enlightens me?
So today I am really sad; I lost my posts and I am sad that people who hosted me are not too reliable and secure which I thought they were. Ipaid and asked them to take care of it. It’s very normal that my Farsi blog goes down for almost five hours in 24 hours and I’m really tired of such inconveniences.

For the hackers: I am sure that hackers who do jobs like this one are like terrorists and as brutal as al-Qaeda. They are only different in position and place. Their attacks are against your mind, thoughts, and believes. They terrorise your pen, your freedom and independency. They are attacks to limit the world to say no to freedom of expression. Hackers are criminals like Saddam Hussain, just a bit different.

I am depressed; I had no archive of my posts. I kindly ask, if you are able please help me. I want to host my Blog somewhere in a very secure host server. I am ready to pay to advertise but I need a secure place to publish my thoughts.

Please help me!


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