Jun 10, 2009

My Insanity

I am excited and impatient as well. I bought a Kawasaki motorbike 250cc offroad just a few days ago. With this I am going to travel to Bamyan and in central Afghanistan. It is a Japanese used dirt bike which currently is in a good condition. I am going to do a tour, passing through several districts and province to reach my village. My mother is sick and i promised to see her weeks ago. This time I am doing a quick tour with this motorbike and I hope to do it again but with a friend of mine who is still trying to make his mind.

In spite of everything i love to drive motorbike, it is my love and part of my insanity which drove me so far. My friends advised me not do to this tour because of security and distance but what we should do if we shouldn’t do what we want?

More, through this tour, I am trying to reunion my mind, my memories and recall them. I will update here more.


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