Jan 5, 2007

Kabul Express

An offensive parts of Kabul Express a Bollywood Movie which released on December 15, 2006 by Kabir Khan an Indian documentary filmmaker. This video record after september 11 but it's very weird that they are following the story so cruelly. For example part of this film is about Hazara people which always humiliated and genocide in the country. Part of the movie is focused on them and telling how the Hazara are wildest than US troops plane.
The movie is a complete humiliation and insolence for Afghanistan in common and Hazara in particular. In the movie, they refer to Hazara as bandits, looters and sodomites.

Dialogue of the movie

- If we escaped from the Americans, we can not escape from Hazaras.
- What is Hazara?
- This area belons to Hazara mujahideen. They are the most dangerous tribe of Afghanistan. Looting is their business.
- What’s he murmuring?
- He says they are Indian journalists. They were kidnapped by Taliban. The Taliban escaped.
- Keep smiling at them… I feel something is wrong.
- Take them
- take them to the commander.
- Commander, they are journalists…
- What if they are journalists? We take them.
- He says he is the man of a great commander. He takes you to make a report about Taliban.
- Not you! These two.
- He says I am not needed… you have to go.
- Be careful.
- What is going on?
- They were Hazaras. They would have looted and naked you. Then would have hit you in the head with the nail. Then would have sold your car in Pakistan.
- Light a cirgarette!
- Thanks for saving our life.
- No need for thanks. If you got killed, getting on the road might have been difficult for me.
- Son of a bitch! What’s the difference between you and these dogs? You people can shoot anyone for your interest…Bastard! You pissed in front of me. Now I will shoot you and throw you among these dogs… before dying, tell who started the war first?
- We did!
- What?
- Pakistan…
- Take his gun!


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