Sep 11, 2006

Afghanistan & five years after September 11

Five years ago at the same day the world witnessed an event which didn’t happen in the history. At this day more than three thousand lost their live. At this day lots of others became sad and wept but here in Afghanistan this was a day that after, each Afghan was dreaming to his freedom for his country and his life. A alike releasing from jail indeed. A day which came up to give live to Afghans.

After September 11th one of the most urgent action and indication from U.S was attacking against Taliban regime which also received help from northern alliance and people of Afghanistan. It was expecting that the U.S will stand beside Afghanistan to the end for removal of terror from this land.
The president of the United States George W. Bush has promised for developing and building Afghanistan as a model in the region and among Muslim countries but regretfully contrary to Afghan expectations from the United States there is no news from making Afghanistan as a model or development.

When U.S started war against Sadam hosein regime, the world and U.S attention diverted from Afghanistan to Iraq, in some point they left their serious tasks uncompleted in order to get success in Iraq.

In the five years not only the terrorism eradicated but increased not only in Afghanistan but other Muslim countries. Unfortunately the security situation in both country Afghanistan and Iraq is getting worse. Suicide attacks increased in the capital, the continuing of this situation people think that they lost their dreams for peace and prosperity of their country.

The world and U.S made a mistake which thought Taliban after their fall has finished. Whereas they returned back to their religious schools. The United States underestimated the Taliban which recently the Coalition Forces accepted that they made a mistake. The United States and the world community never tried to talk and put pressure the Pakistan government that supporting the Taliban.


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