Aug 10, 2006

NATO and Important mission in Afghanistan

Recently Insecurity and suicide attacks against coalition forces and Afghan forces are not stopped but increasing in southern Afghanistan. Last week on 31st of July U.S forces handed over the peace keeping responsibility in southern Afghanistan to NATO forces.
NATO authorities have mentioned that this mission would be the most difficult one in 57 years of this organization.

The most important thing which nowadays people expecting from NATO forces is to avoid killing civilian as U.S forces had killed and destroyed many villages by air strike.
They say; how long this land should burn in fire and how long we should hear war and war. More than two decades of war, everything demolished.

Although I believe that no differ between U.S and forces and NATO being in Afghanistan but the most important things are to not experience the mistakes from previous. For the last years of American troops in southern Afghanistan nothing has changed rather than strengthening the Taliban and terrorists.

- NATO should pay attention in the following facts which are mostly sensitive for Afghanistan and its people.

- Training the Afghan National Army and Police which are mostly involved in smuggling and Mafia.

- Involving in helping and reconstruction and helping the repatriated refugees from neighboring countries.

Respecting the people’s religious believes and traditions which are very sensitive.

I believe if they pay attention in the above sentences and receive the experiences from American forces they will succeed if not, their destiny would be the same as coalition forces has experience in the past years.


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