Jul 17, 2006

Civilian kills and launching a research team

On Saturday coalition force and Afghan National Army attacked by two attackers in Urozogan Khas district of Urozogan province. The attackers were both killed. In this incident two afghan army injured and two Taliban killed. As the media says after exchanging fires on both side the Taliban militants escaped from the area.

Lately the security situation in Urozgan province has deteriorated after air strikes of coalition forces just 12 kilo meters away from Trinkot (central of province). Coalition air strike killed dozens of civilian which made more anger among people of the district

Hamed Karzai president of Afghanistan has launched a research team to research about killing dozens of other civilians in Nawzad district of Helmand province the most dangerous place which content mostly Taliban in its.

The British force has accepted that in this strike one school which was used as a base for Taliban and attacking against coalition forces has destroyed. The air strike was launched while the British military was in fighting with Taliban and asked from coalition forces for help.

The fighting is continues still in this province.


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