Mar 16, 2019

double standard of reaction against terror attacks

India: Muslims ulama (religious scholars) hold placards during a condolence meeting and protest in Mumbai. Credit: AP
The Christchurch shootings was an act of evil and must be condemned universally, but honestly, do Muslims condemn the attacks carried out by Muslims on other Muslims? The answer is simply no. They don’t take to the streets to protest or even write condemnation letter.  In the aftermath of mosque shootings in New Zealand, Muslims around the world decried the shootings. This was an attack from a non-Muslim on Muslims. The Taliban and ISIS have been targeting Hazaras Shias in Afghanistan for years, no one has come out carrying a placard condemning their acts. For the past few years over hundreds of attacks have been carried out in Hazara communities in Kabul and have killed over a thousand.

Just one example, last year in August 2018, a suicide attacker entered a classroom in Kabul which killed 48 teenagers and wounded hundreds of others. What is the difference between this kind of attack and that of Christchurch shootings? No one condemned such attack, neither Muslims inside Afghanistan, nor Muslims in other countries. Instead, they convened a meeting in Kabul to investigate whether suicide bombing is mentioned in the Qur'an or not.

There are dozens of other examples of incidents where Muslim terrorists killed innocent people all over the world. No one has forgotten the Yazidi genocide in which over 5,000 men and women were killed and thousands of young women and children abducted and put into slavery. Where were these Muslims back then to come out and condemn the evil acts of their ilk?

In the past few years, Muslim terrorists have ran their vehicles over pedestrians in European cities several times. Were they condemned by Muslims? How about Orlando nightclub shooting and Manchester Arena bombing? Did Muslims condemn those attacks? No. They rejoiced over the death of non-Muslims and especially gay people and they praised the attackers. The fact is that hypocrisy and contradictions are rooted in Muslim's faith that makes it almost impossible for them to see if their own act of evil is really evil, rather than seeing it as a gift to please and glorify their God.